Professor Judyth Sachs (centre) with the 2013 PACE Prize award winners
Professor Judyth Sachs (centre) with the 2013 PACE Prize award winners

PACE students recognised for outstanding achievement

The 2013 Professor Judyth Sachs PACE Prizes awards ceremony held in late May awarded several students for their outstanding achievement in PACE activities while celebrating the mutually beneficial outcomes for our partners and students. Winners received a monetary reward and all recipients will have the Prize recorded on their academic transcript.

Eleven prizes were awarded to individuals and groups who had exemplary PACE experiences in 2013, with Professor Sachs in attendance to present the awards.

Highlights included:

Faculty of Arts long-program winner Elissa Boyd, undertook her internship as a PACE International student in Sabah, Malaysia, working with a local indigenous group to record their traditional knowledge on rice cultivation and its relation to the moon cycle. Elissa produced an outstanding document for the Kadazandusun community to document their traditional practices and help to empower future generations with knowledge and understanding of their cultural history. Learn more about Elissa’s experience.

Faculty of Business and Economics short-program winners Arnel Yutuc and Noella Chamala undertook their PACE activity with the Department of Human Services’ Wrap Around Services to identify issues with the Department’s community outreach program. Through observation and liaison with community services, Indigenous Specialist Officers and public service employees, the students developed a marketing plan to address the identified issues. The Department is planning to put into action the strategies devised by the students as they commence the new year of service delivery.

Faculty of Science short-program winner Bronwyn Parry  worked with Australian mining company Kingsgate Bowdens Pty Limited for her PACE activity. Bronwyn helped the company with an important community information meeting as part of their environmental assessment process for a proposed new silver mine. As well as assisting with environmental monitoring on the site, Bronwyn helped organise the Community Open Day with Kingsgate’s Environmental Team. She spoke with community members about the proposed development, giving her real-world experience in explaining scientific concepts in a simple, jargon-free and straightforward manner.

Learn more about the experiences of PACE Prize winners from the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Human Sciences.

Congratulations to all prize winners.