Year 12 students can now join our community before finishing high school. Image: Chris Stacey
Year 12 students can now join our community before finishing high school. Image: Chris Stacey

Introducing the Global Leadership Entry Program

Our Global Leadership Entry Program (GLEP) has been expanded to include early entry for year 12 students, allowing a new group to join our community before they finish high school.

Instead of singularly judging students by their ATAR, Macquarie is seeking students who share our values and, in the case of the GLEP, have aspirations for global engagement and leadership that can complement academic ability.

“In some cases, the ATAR may not be the best tool for evaluating whether or not a student will succeed in their chosen degree,” said Professor S Bruce Dowton, Vice-Chancellor. “It can be a good predictor for some students, but its predictive value revolves around like-for-like; so a student who does well in a limited, exam-based HSC syststem will likely do well in a university whose approach is based on similar methods of assessment.”

The University is keen to develop leadership, engagement, creativity, critical thinking, communication and career-readiness skills that may be better learnt in other ways, and in these areas the ATAR can be too blunt an instrument to  determine ability.

“By guaranteeing them a place in a relevant degree and entry into our respected and well established Global Leadership Program, we can support them during the end of their year 12 studies and help prepare them for their time at University,” said Professor Dowton.

Until recently, only enrolled Macquarie students could enter the GLP. Now, in addition to receiving early entry into the University, students will also be able to participate in GLP activities, including the distinguished speaker series.

Early entry is available for a limited number of single degrees:

  • Advanced Science
  • Ancient History
  • Business Leadership and Commerce
  • Engineering
  • Global Business
  • International Studies
  • Law
  • Marketing and Media
  • Psychology (Hons)

Successful applicants will be able to access early enrolment, pre-study programs and library access privileges during 2014.

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