Nikki Canale, Project Coordinator, Governance Services
Nikki Canale, Project Coordinator, Governance Services

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Nikki Canale | Project Coordinator, Governance Services

How long have you been at Macquarie?
I joined Macquarie at the start of April via an agency. Initially I was only supposed to be here for one or two weeks so I was thrilled to secure my current role.

How do you get to campus?
I take the bus.

What is your favourite thing about Macquarie?
I love how vibrant Macquarie is. I could watch the staff and students milling around all day. The campus grounds are gorgeous too.

Where is your favourite place to spend a spare five minutes at Macquarie?
I love sitting at the far end of the Hub looking out over the lake.

What was your earliest childhood career aspiration?
I wanted to be a writer. I adored reading and always had my head in a book. I would write short stories, poetry, songs, journals, even little bios on family members. Even now, I’ve always got a notebook or two in my handbag and find myself scribbling away.

If I wasn’t a Project Coordinator in Communications I would…
Love to do something arty like photography or interior design. Or perhaps I’d get around to writing my book!

What would you want to learn if given the chance to learn it instantly?
There are so many things I’d love to learn; saxophone, piano and drum lessons, to surf, to salsa, to ride a motorbike. My list seems endless!

If money were no object, what would you like to achieve?
I’d travel the world. Twice. I’d visit huge cities and forgotten villages. I’d study languages, religions and cultures. I’d work with children. I’d do all the things I’ve scribbled in notebooks and then I’d write about those too.

What were you doing before you started these questions?
I was working on the new Governance website. It’s a big part of my role at Macquarie and I can’t wait to see it evolve.