Students shine at DFAT scholarship reception

In preparing to embark on their exchange program with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, five Macquarie University students recently participated in a New Colombo Plan (NCP) scholarship reception.

Rowan Varrall, Allison Chandler, Josephine Lee, Leesa Chen and Ying Wu attended the event, with Leesa Chen speaking on behalf of the group:

In the six weeks winter break I will be taking a unit in Asian Business at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I don’t think there is a better opportunity to learn Asian business than being present in the society itself; Asia being such a high context society it is important that we learn beyond the classroom and consider how culture and history guides international business.

By considering culture and history are we then able to build strong relations between Australia and its neighbours of South East Asia. As I quote Confucius, “study without thinking is blind and thinking without study is dangerous”, and it is ultimately the Colombo Plan that facilitates the contextual learning that empowers stronger relations.

I expect to be challenged, I expect to be lost in translation and pushed beyond my comfort zone, but it is being outside my comfort zone that empowers one to adapt, learn and grow.

It’s also the risks we take and the challenges we face that make life so exciting. I am truly privileged to be apart of this program and on behalf of Macquarie University thank you and for all other students, best of luck on your adventures.

Macquarie Abroad Manager, Amanda Hough, says the NCP Pilot has reenergised student interest in exploring our neighbours in Asia.

“Students are taking the opportunity to connect through study, and opening doors for more opportunities for collaboration in the future. Macquarie Abroad share enthusiasm for the experience our students will have and anticipate the expansion of NCP when more Asian countries become associated with the scheme next round.”

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