A screenshot from the Vice-Chancellor's new website
A screenshot from the Vice-Chancellor's new website

New look for VC’s website

The Vice-Chancellor’s website was given a fresh coat of paint recently, and the new look went live late last week. The website is home for news about the Vice-Chancellor’s activities, and one of his main channels for keeping in touch with the University community. Stories about recent events are posted regularly along with photo galleries and videos of the University community.

“The Vice-Chancellor’s website has been a great way for him to connect with the University since he joined us, and it was invaluable during the Framing of Futures consultations for keeping the community updated” said Paul Wild, Communications Coordinator in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor. “Now that the planning process has been completed, Our University: A Framing of Futures has its own site on the web, and the Executive are championing each of the initiatives, so we took the opportunity to tidy up the site and give it a fresh new look.”

The Vice-Chancellor’s website is the first of a set of new Executive pages that will be rolled out for Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Executive Deans in the next few weeks.

“Each DVC and Dean has a specific role so one design wasn’t going to work for everyone. We worked with Marketing and Informatics to deliver a kind of ‘bespoke, one-size-fits-all’ model that that will give Executive members the flexibility they need for their audiences, while keeping a common look and feel across them all” said Paul.

Redirects for URLs to the Vice-Chancellor’s website are active, so you can still find it using existing links, or you can update your bookmark to the new address.