An exploration of the military legacy of Alexander the Great


Released today, The Military Legacy of Alexander the Great: Lessons for the Information Age by Professor Ian Worthington from the Department of Ancient History, examines Alexander the Great’s leadership, command skills and grand strategy in connection with today’s military challenges.

ian-worthington_300x450Professor Worthington (pictured left) and co-author Captain Michael Ferguson present their analysis in a neat framework, breaking down Alexander the Great’s rule and talking about the lessons he brings to the modern world.

The book details how leadership and warfare have some consistent themes over time, especially relevant in our digital age. But this tome is not just a history lesson on military adventures, it also looks at the security scene in the 21st century. If you are interested in peace, war and strategy, this book shares insights from Alexander the Great’s story that might change your perspective.

“This book may make you feel uncomfortable, but then again, so it should. As the character or even the nature of war changes because of disruptive emerging technologies, it is crucial that the human aspects of generalship, statesmanship, strategic thought and good old boots on the ground are not left behind,” says Professor Worthington.

“Alexander the Great embodies all these things and more. Our book uses a thematic approach to tell a new military history of Alexander within the context and nature of modern warfare and what leaders today should learn and apply from his successes, and especially, his failures.”

The book also includes concluding commentary from Lt Gen HR McMaster, the 25th National Security Advisor to the President of the United States.

Arguing that Alexander’s old campaigns still have something to teach us today, Professor Worthington and Captain Ferguson note how vital it is to have leaders who can adapt and understand history in our tech-heavy world.

Whether you are a student or scholar with interest in the classics, ancient history, modern history, peace studies or military studies, this book is relevant to you. It is not just for academics, but also for defence leaders, military scholars and anyone curious about warfare, military history or history in general.

The Military Legacy of Alexander the Great: Lessons for the Information Age is published by Routledge.





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