Composing our future in unison: ‘Working in symphony’ the strength of our newly launched research centres


At his highly anticipated annual research weather forecast, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Sakkie Pretorius spoke about global megatrends and the powerful potential for Macquarie University to find solutions to the world’s most pressing and complex challenges by working ‘in symphony’.

“Our research strategy is influenced by – and must respond to – megatrends and global challenges of the times we are living in. Macquarie can meet these challenges by working together in unison,” said Professor Pretorius.


A slide from Professor Pretorius’ presentation

Professor Pretorius noted that every component of Macquarie’s research ecosystem – from individual researchers and faculty collectives to national research centres – were essential, and compared them to individual instruments and harmonies in a musical score. But to make the biggest impact on solving global challenges, he emphasised the vital importance of Macquarie leveraging its cross-disciplinary strength.

“Like an orchestra, our research collectives create the opportunity for our talented researchers, with their diverse range of instruments, to work together in harmony, combining their strengths and talents to create a musical symphony,” said Professor Pretorius.


A slide from Professor Pretorius’ presentation

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) announced ten new Macquarie University Research Centres, which have been funded following the most thorough selection process ever undertaken for a research scheme at the University. Supported by DVCR seed funding and in-kind support from faculties and offices – including Group Marketing, Philanthropy and Research, Innovation and Enterprise – the centres are a bold new approach for the University.

“These centres represent a shift in the research culture at Macquarie to explicitly focus on external opportunities, strength at scale, team leadership, and multidisciplinary teams collaborating on real-world problems,” Professor Pretorius said.

“These research centres―our symphonies― are the first step in ensuring that our research ecosystem is fit for the future we imagine for ourselves and reach for. That future will be defined by our focus, excellence, collaboration, innovation and value creation in unison.”

Consilience Research Centres
data-x_160x160_72dpi92 DataX (hosted by all four faculties)
future-communications_160x160_72dpi46 Future Communications (hosted by FSE)
 lifespan-and-wellbeing_160x160_72dpi20 Lifespan Health and Wellbeing (hosted by FMHHS)
 smart-green-cities_160x160_72dpi19 Smart Green Cities (hosted by FSE)
 transforming-energy-markets_160x160_72dpi37 Transforming Energy Markets (hosted by MQBS)


Strength-At-Scale Research Centres
astrophysics-and-space-technologies_160x160_72dpi66 Astrophysics and Space Technologies (hosted by FSE)
ethics-and-agency_160x160_72dpi30 Ethics and Agency (hosted by FoA)
hearing_160x160_72dpi40 Hearing (hosted by FMHHS)
motor-neuron-disease_160x160_72dpi67 Motor Neuron Disease (hosted by FMHHS)
performance-and-expertise_160x160_72dpi90 Performance and Expertise (hosted by FMHHS)


Learn more about the new Macquarie University Research Centres 

Download our Research Strategy 2025

Missed the Weather Forecast event? Watch the full Weather Forecast 2023 presentation below, or download a copy of the slides (Macquarie log in required to download slides).





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