MQ2020: Faculties gear up for transitioning students


Over the last two months the body of work around student migration has stepped up a gear or two, and anyone who’s involved in this work (under Program Beacon) will certainly be feeling it – especially our faculties.

For many weeks, our faculty teams have been working through the logistics of how to migrate current students from existing curriculum to the new. The majority of students transitioning in 2020 will experience minimal or no change to their study paths, and the course mapping activities faculties are now undertaking will give clarity to what kind of changes students will experience with the transition across to the new curriculum.

In particular, faculties are committed to ensuring that for students transitioning across to the new curriculum, the experience is as streamlined and stress-free as possible and each individual student is empowered with information to understand the reason for the changes and the impact (if any) on their study plans.

 Student-facing digital communications now released

Student-facing digital communication has commenced and over the next few days, you will start to see our MQ2020 imagery in digital displays around lecture theatres, screens and online portals.

The communication builds on the Vice-Chancellor’s 2018 end-of-year message and has been developed to raise awareness with current students of the curriculum change, and to let them know we’ll be in touch later in the year with their personalised study plans.


To supplement this message information has been posted online and the hashtag (#MQ2020) has been introduced to help students easily find the curriculum transformation MQ2020 information, if they need it (or want it) now. Student Connect, the faculties and Program Beacon have also put together student FAQs and pulled together resources for staff within the new Program Beacon Hub.

Direct communication with students regarding their 2020 study plan will commence in July as faculty transition plans are finalised. The goal is to distribute targeted curriculum change information to students prior to commencement of Session 2 2019. This communication will provide information to assist with unit selection, ease transition into new 2020 courses and sets the groundwork for student’s successful transition in 2020.  Student-facing teams both in and out of faculties will be prepared with information to support and direct student queries throughout this stage.

As we continue to prepare for 2020, teams are also juggling the all-important ‘business as usual’ activity – it’s a fine balance, and everyone involved in the work should be applauded for their commitment to our students and their needs over this critical time of transition to MQ2020.

This Week will be sharing information about some of the new courses coming in 2020, student communications through migration and some of the support activity planned for the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled.

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