Vice-Chancellor informs students of curriculum transformation


Yesterday, Macquarie students received their first official communication from the University about our transforming curriculum – ‘MQ2020’.

With students now aware of the curriculum transformation, resources have been developed for staff who may need to assist students or their parents with questions. These can be found on the Curriculum Transformation wiki.

The key messages for students at this stage are:

  • The intention is that all existing Macquarie students will transition to the new curriculum architecture in 2020.
  • For many existing students, the change represents minimal or no changes to their current study pathway.
  • For others, the curriculum change may offer new considerations around their current study pathway.
  • Either way, no existing Macquarie student will be disadvantaged because of the curriculum changes.
  • We are currently working to ensure that the transition to MQ2020 is simple and streamlined for students.
  • Students do not have to take any action now – this is for their information only at this stage.
  • Throughout 2019 we will communicate with all existing students to ensure they understand the changes.

In an email to currently enrolled students yesterday, the Vice-Chancellor said:

“We have a strong history of being focussed on providing our students with a university education, both in and out of the classroom, that sets them up for a successful future. Fundamental to this student success is a flexible and outcome-focussed curriculum that offers complete clarity of their study journey at Macquarie and, importantly, empowers them to take on the jobs of tomorrow.

In July this year Macquarie University designed and approved a new curriculum architecture for all students studying at Macquarie in 2020. The new curriculum offers greater clarity around their study path – from start to finish – and will increase both the breadth and depth of study options available.

The intention is that existing students who will still be studying with us in 2020 will transition to the new curriculum. For many of you there will be minimal or no changes to your current studies. For others, a more flexible curriculum architecture could mean there are new options to consider. Either way, it’s important to note that no current Macquarie student will be disadvantaged by the curriculum changes.

Please watch this short two-minute video message.

We will be in touch again in 2019 to ensure you understand the changes and what they mean to you.”

Students with questions about the curriculum transformation are encouraged to call Student Connect or visit them on campus in MUSE at 18 Wally’s Walk. Staff can also direct students to if they are unable to answer their question.





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  1. I like the idea however very upset how this has impacted my studies. I was doing a bachelor of commerce in 2018 and now two additional units must be completed to graduate yet im still undertaking a bachelor of commerce. This is extremely hard for full time working students. Given little explanation regarding a transitional period or how to fix this situation .

    Advise or consultation regarding this would be much appreciated.

    1. Dear Steven
      Thanks for your post. As per the Vice-Chancellor’s message, no current student will be disadvantaged by the curriculum changes. In your specific case, you would not be expected to complete any additional study beyond your current requirements.
      Please rest assured that further information and assistance will be made available to all students as we prepare for 2020.

  2. Unlike the confident VC, the guys in charge of the design of the new curriculum have no idea of what they are trying to do – according to the information disclosed at Arts Town Hall. They just said they are trying to make it easier and they don’ t know what it will lead to. But the problem is Australian higher education is notorious for its unsystematic training. Easier is highly likely equals to superficial in this case. Just stop falling further, please! Do some research on the students requirement both domestically and internationally before you do anything that has only the significance to your profile.

    1. Dear Susan Brown,
      Thank you for your comment. I am one of the ‘guys’ responsible for the design of the new curriculum. I’d be very happy to discuss this further with you, Please email me:

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