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This week, a brand new staff website launched, offering new features based on your feedback.

Purpose-built from the ground up, the new portal streamlines more functions than ever before, making things easier and helping to save you time on everyday tasks.

It provides you with the resources and tools you use the most, like:

  • Enhanced search functionality (including a new Staff Directory) – The new functionality searches across multiple systems with meaningful and useful results.
  • Messages from Macquarie – Check back here often for the latest important news from around the University.
  • What’s On – View upcoming events and the latest happenings on campus.
  • And much more!

The new website is not just smarter – it’s more us, reflecting Macquarie’s culture and personality.

Watch this video to get all the details on how to get started on the new website and then start exploring! A tutorial will help guide you on your first visit.





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  1. the portal is good but do we have to see the vc’s face each time we log on? I mean, really?

    Also when accessing it remotely there is no information on how to access mq storage for your documents? Ive had to call onehelp a number of times to find out how to do this. Perhaps link would help.

    1. Hi Vincent,
      The imagery on the website will change throughout the year.
      Also if you log into the portal, the image is replaced with a search, which is the most heavily used tool on the site. Plus after logging in, you can change the links you see to remove ones you don’t use, add ones you do, and add custom links for anything that isn’t already there.

  2. This used to be a wonderful website, user friendly, where it was easy to find through the search engine. Now that tab has been removed. It has increased difficulties. Yesterday I spent 90 minutes to search a form, when unsuccessful, approached other colleagues and non was able to find.
    So simplify the process and not test the research skills to find content on the web.

    1. Hi Tim,

      Thanks for letting us know. We have come across a small number of pages that have this issue. Could you please provide a little more detail (including the URLs of the pages that you’re encountering this issue on) by emailing This will raise a onehelp ticket so we can most efficiently address the problem.

    2. Thanks for letting us know about this issue. It was referred to our vendor who fixed in on Wednesday 22nd Feb.

  3. I arrived at the new portal via an old bookmark and have to say I am very pleasantly surprised by the look and feel. While it will, as is the case with all change, take a little getting used to, I managed to successfully customise my landing page and feel optimistic about the portal turning out to be a very worthwhile advance over the old Staff page.

  4. This looks like an advertisement for a hamburger chain, not a university! I notice you can customise certain parts of it… how do I customise it back to the old staff webpage, where I had all the links I wanted without the irritating and confronting photos and without having to scroll for anything?

    1. Hi Cathi. I don’t think the customisation options are as flexible as you want. Here’s some alternatives that might assist.

      1. Use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to look at an archived version of the staff portal.
      But since it’s an archived version, and the web site has undergone major revisions, many of the links may now be dead.

      2. Bookmark all your frequently used links so that you no longer need to use the staff portal.

      3. Find someone who built their own portal page that doesn’t contain any of the features that slow down the load times.

    2. Hi Cathi,

      If you log in to the portal, you’ll have a much more streamlined view of the portal homepage (in addition to the ability to customise your own quicklinks).

    3. Hi Cathy, Jim,
      The display size of the portal will depend on the settings of your web browser which are different from one computer to another.
      In some cases this could be unwieldy.
      Pressing the keyboard combination Ctrl – or Command – (that is the – to the left of =) will shrink the size. Does that help with the scrolling issue?

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