Measure how much you use
& how much you waste!

Start to think about how much you print, copy and throw away each day. Are there ways you can get the same result with less wastage?


Save paper by reducing your margins, printing double-sided and checking the print preview before you commit to paper. Be thoughtful of how much water you use, and report leaking taps!


Use office cups rather than disposable cups for meetings and catering, take your mug to get coffee (and a discount), and bring your lunch in a sturdy lunchbox you can use day after day

Save energy

Turn off your monitor when you're not at your desk, turn your computer off every night and ask who ever is last to leave to turn off all the lights.

Share ideas and keep improving

Got more ideas? Need help launching them? Contact Macquarie University Sustainability to find out who the staff Sustainability Representative is in your area and talk to them. They're there to help!