MGSM scholarships and awards

MGSM scholarships and awards

MGSM provides a range of scholarships that reflect our strong links with industry, the corporate sector and our alumni network, to support both Australian and international students.  Securing an MGSM scholarship, award or prize is something to be proud of.

Making such opportunities possible for Australian and International Students are generous donations from individuals, associations and the business community. Funding of an MGSM scholarship, award or prize is also something to be proud of,  and we are truly thankful to our numerous sponsors.

Eligibility criteria

All applicants for MGSM scholarships must first meet the essential requirements for admission to an MGSM program, being:

  • An undergraduate degree and a minimum of two years’ relevant managerial or professional work experience (allowing direct entry into the MBA)
  • An undergraduate degree (allowing direct entry into the Master of Management)
  • Alternatively, a minimum of five years’ relevant professional/managerial work experience if no undergraduate degree is held (allowing access to the Graduate Diploma or Certificate in the first instance).
  • Demonstrated proficiency in English (if applicable).

In addition, successful scholarship candidates will usually possess a combination of some, or all, of the following qualities:

  • A strong university record of scholarship, such as a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.3 out of 5.0 or above (or equivalent) (except where a particular scholarship requires a higher GPA)
  • Financial need.
  • Strong leadership accomplishments and/or potential.
  • Community involvement.
  • Evidence of experiences where a global mindset is demonstrated.
  • Have the capacity to create sustainable value for companies and/or communities.
  • Demonstrate ethical citizenship.
  • Maturity, motivation and common sense.
  • The capacity to triumph over hardship.

There may be additional criteria relevant to each specific scholarship as detailed on the tables included in this document.

Candidates are advised that the MGSM scholarship process is highly competitive and as such, submission of a scholarship application does not guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded. The decision of the Scholarship Committee is final.

How to apply

To register interest for a scholarship, submit a Scholarship Application Cover Sheet,      along with a personal statement (of no more than 1,000 words)      addressing the selection criteria and outlining the reasons why you feel      you should be awarded the scholarship for which you are applying.      Your  scholarship application should be submitted at the same time as     your  program application.  A face-to-face interview, or phone/Skype      interview, may be required.

Candidates can apply for one or more scholarship, however no student may hold two or more scholarships simultaneously.

Assessment of Application

The MGSM Scholarship Awards Committee is responsible for the      selection of all recipients of MGSM Scholarships and successful      applicants will be advised of their scholarship offer by email.

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MGSM provides a range of scholarships that reflect our strong links with industry, the corporate sector and our alumni network. Scholarship selection criteria reflect the values of our school - leadership, global mindset, sustainable value and citizenship. Additional criteria such as academic excellence, social inclusion and equity, financial need and/or other hardship are also considered carefully.

Area of study

Has a GPA requirement; International students only; Full offers only

MBA, Master of Management, MGSM, International, Postgraduate, Master

Fee reduction

Up to 25 per cent of total tuition fees

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