Pursuing her passion

Pursuing her passion

Sabine Keller

At Macquarie, learning goes beyond the classroom. Intercultural communication is the very air you breathe.

Sabine Keller
Master of International Communications, 2013

I always wanted to work in marketing, but after the first couple of months in my job back home in Germany, I knew it was not my cup of tea. Friends told me to stay with the company for two years as it would open doors to me later. But I really wanted to follow my passion and do something I considered meaningful.

I was encouraged to explore study options in Australia. I was enchanted by the Master of International Communication, which offers interesting core subjects like Public Diplomacy and International Public Relations and elective subjects such as Corporate Writing.

I received the Macquarie University International Scholarship and was able to participate in the prestigious Global Leadership Program (GLP).

The GLP Think Tank sessions and practical experience exposed us to some of the most controversial current issues in our world, and enabled us to step up with credibility to help tackle them. The program really helped me grow as a person.

My Macquarie course convener helped me find an internship at Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, whose Australian headquarters are located near the Macquarie campus. During my internship I supported Janssen’s Corporate and Government Affairs department in developing a social media strategy to support the company’s work improving the lives of people living with chronic health conditions. Janssen offered me a position after graduation.

My initial tasks at Janssen resembled some of the assignments I had at Macquarie, which shows how practical Macquarie’s courses really can be.

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