Exploring the cutting edge of currency

Exploring the cutting edge of currency

Stephen Ozvatic

Macquarie’s Master of Research can be tough at times, but it’s exciting when you find something nobody has seen before, and satisfying when you are able to add to an ever-growing body of knowledge.

Stephen Ozvatic
Master of Economics, 2014
Master of Research, 2015

My interest in research began while studying for a Master of Economics at Macquarie University. I was doing a project looking at the virtual currency Bitcoin and decided I wanted an understanding of financial derivatives beyond the standard textbook. It was a natural choice, then, to continue this interest at Macquarie through a Master of Research.

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency that is unregulated and has no central bank to manage it. Not many markets see astronomical price spikes and volatility like that of Bitcoin. It also has foreign exchange and derivatives markets, making it very interesting for research purposes. Since I wanted to learn more about derivatives, it was a great opportunity to investigate.

During my time at Macquarie I also had the opportunity to participate in the Global Leadership Program, in which I traveled to the Canberra Symposium and met diplomats from the United States and the Pakistan High Commissioner. The experience provided me with new perspectives, and it triggered new ideas and links between areas that I previously hadn’t considered such as data analysis and effective foreign aid policy. It also developed my softer skills including negotiation, adaptability and interpersonal skills.

The Macquarie Higher Degree Research staff are especially helpful and were available for whatever I needed. Similarly, the academics are always able to fit in time for a chat and seem genuinely interested in your work, encouraging critical thinking and investigation to understand what an idea or result means on a fundamental level.

Macquarie’s Master of Research can be tough at times, but it’s exciting when you discover something nobody has seen before. If there is something you’re passionate about, you’re the kind of person who asks, ’Why?’ and you have the drive to find the answer, then a Master of Research could be for you.

Shape your future with a Master of Research, a two-year full time degree that serves as an excellent primer for further higher degree research.

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