Empowering leadership and positive change

Empowering leadership and positive change

Empowering leadership and positive change

All roles should be about growth and fulfilment. The MGSM MBA has enabled me to embrace my mission.

Alexandra Tzortzis
Master of Business Administration, 2013

Empowering leadership and positive change

Prior to my current corporate role, I was a pharmacist. Although pharmacy allowed me to make positive and direct contributions to the community, I had an enduring desire to pursue roles that would facilitate a more comprehensive contribution, on a broader leadership platform.

I knew I had to acquire different skills, fill knowledge gaps and develop my strategic and commercial acumen. In short, I needed a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

I chose Macquarie University Graduate School of Management (MGSM) because of its flexible course delivery, impressive reputation, extensive alumni, and teaching staff with real-world executive experience. Throughout my MBA, I developed competencies in strategic thinking, financial analysis, public speaking and negotiation. I was able to leverage the network of staff, students, alumni and corporate partnerships for professional development – and eventually to secure a rewarding corporate role.

MGSM’s location within a major business park, home to key healthcare stakeholders such as Macquarie University Hospital, and pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, was a distinct advantage. Johnson & Johnson Medical, a collaboration partner of MGSM that is co-located in Macquarie Park, offered the unique opportunity of an internship in the Managing Director’s office through the MGSM MBA program. I feel privileged to have been entrusted with this exceptional opportunity.

The MGSM MBA changed the trajectory of my life. This journey expanded my knowledge, broadened my horizons and connected me to people and places I would otherwise have never known. In this way, I was equipped to make the decisions I needed to change my career, and my life.

Doors have opened. And I am ready.

Ranked the top MBA in Australia, the MGSM MBA takes a pioneering approach to developing successful global leaders.

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