Channel your passion

Channel your passion

James Camilleri

My practical unit gave me a real idea of what I want to do with my future. I was able to learn things that academics and textbooks couldn’t teach me.

James Camilleri
Bachelor of Commerce with Bachelor of Laws

Employees and the knowledge they possess are regarded as the most valuable asset in a contemporary organisation. When you have a skilful and motivated workforce whose development needs are successfully linked to the strategic objectives of an organisation, you maximise operational effectiveness and propel a business through a globally competitive commercial climate.

However, a one-size-fits-all approach to employee management will not suffice.

Recruiting the right employees and further developing them can be a challenging but rewarding task for management. I understand the value in successfully executing this responsibility, which has led me to pursue the study of human resources and assist future employers to develop their staff – both professionally and personally – into healthy, skilled and well-rounded people.

That’s why I was incredibly excited to get involved in the PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) program at Konica Minolta. Building on the knowledge I’d already gained at Macquarie, the PACE unit was a brilliant opportunity to get a practical, hands-on experience in the corporate world.

I spent 12 weeks on the PACE project alongside fellow third-year student, Raquelle D’Mello, who’s studying the Bachelor of Business Administration. We engaged with people from all levels and divisions of the company to coordinate the launch of Konica Minolta’s new Learning and Development strategy. This involved a variety of tasks including researching and drafting training policies, organising training programs and logistics, and developing an organisation-wide competency framework.

My PACE unit at Konica Minolta gave me a clear vision of my career after graduation. My time at Konica Minolta allowed me to learn things that academics and textbooks couldn’t teach me. I was also able to develop personally with problem-solving, communication and relationship-building skills – transferable skills that will transcend any role or project and allow me to thrive within any corporate environment.

For any students considering PACE, I have nothing but praise for the program.  Not only has the experience enhanced my employability, it also gave me an insight into my coursework that was more natural and thorough than textbook learning. I would most certainly recommend it.

Learn how PACE can help you pioneer your own future.

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