Student visa

Student visa

When travelling to Australia, you'll need to apply for a visa. A visa is official permission to enter a country.

What visa do I need?

Your type of visa may depend on what country you are coming from, what course you intend to study. For information on different Visas for Australia you should view the Australian Government's Department of Home Affairs.

What are the conditions of my visa?

Each visa type has its own conditions. You must know your visa conditions to ensure you are satisfying any requirements.

For more information: see our full list of international student visa conditions.

Getting advice about your visa

Students who have questions about their Student Visa requirements can make an appointment to see a Student Advocacy and Support Adviser for advice.

While we can give you general advice about your student visa, we are not trained migration agents and if you have further questions, you need to speak to the Department of Home Affairs. If you need advice for non-student visas, or spousal visas, please contact the Department of Home Affairs.

Address: Department of Home Affairs
NSW Student Centre
26 Lee Street
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Telephone: 131 881
Web Address:
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