Student support

Student support

  • academic advice

    Academic advice

    Contact expert members of our academic staff for help with your study program.

  • accessibility

    Accessibility Services

    Develop and deliver accessible curricula.

  • accommodation


    Choose where to live when at Macquarie. Find private listings, rental accommodation and our residential colleges.

  • careers

    Careers and employment

    We can help you find a job, develop your resume writing and improve your interview skills.

  • complaints

    Complaints and appeals

    Seek resolution on grievances and complaints, submit a grade appeal or appeal exclusion from enrolment

  • firstyear

    First year

    Information and support for students in their first year at Macquarie University.

  • health

    Health and Wellbeing

    We offer a range of services to support your health and wellbeing.

  • indigenous

    Indigenous Hub

    A unique space for students to relax, study and feel a sense of belonging while achieving their educational goals.

  • maths


    Our Numeracy Centre offers workshops, bridging courses and online resources to help you master mathematics.

  • open universities

    Open Universities

    Advice, contacts and useful links for students studying through Open Universities.

  • starting

    Starting uni

    Our orientation and mentor programs will support you as you make the transition to uni.

  • conduct

    Student conduct

    Learn more about discipline and what may happen in cases of academic or general student misconduct.

  • SRC

    Student Representative Committee

    Find out how the student community advises, participates and communicates with the University.

  • onehelp

    Tech help

    Log your technical request with OneHelp, our interactive, self-service request tracker.

  • ask

    Search our library of student administration related questions and answers or submit an online enquiry to get your answers.

  • learning

    Learning Skills

    Take control of your study. Develop your research skills, essay writing, presentation skills and preparation for exams.

  • next step

    The Next Step program

    Advice, contacts and useful links for students studying through the Next Step program.

  • distance

    Distance Education

    Advice, contacts and useful links for students studying through the Distance Education program.

  • Student policy gateway

    Your one-stop-shop for policies you need to know about during your undergraduate student journey.

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