Macquarie University Buddy program

Macquarie University Buddy program

Macquarie Buddies are current students who kindly volunteer their time to help new international students feel right at home in Sydney

Moving to a new country or city to study can be a full-on experience. There’s the new surroundings, faces, names, currency and so many other new things to learn. This is where Macquarie Buddies come to the rescue.

Macquarie University is proud to have one of the leading university buddy programs in the world. It is one of very few in Australia to offer new students ongoing social and geographic support throughout the full semester, rather than just being there for the first few weeks.

Your Macquarie Buddies will:

  • Teach you the need-to-know things about Australian society and culture
  • Teach you how to use the Sydney public transport system
  • Organise tourist activities such as sightseeing and tours to landmarks in Sydney and other parts of New South Wales
  • Organise conversation cafes, social gatherings and fun events for you to meet other students, share your experiences and make new friends

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