Become a Macquarie Buddy

Become a Macquarie Buddy

Macquarie University buddy

Macquarie Buddies help ease the transition for new international students by welcoming them and providing them with the support they need to enjoy their time here in Sydney and at Macquarie University. Being a Buddy will equip you with valuable skills and experience to become an effective communicator, enhance your global mindset and provide a highly respected achievement to put on your CV.

Assisted by a group of Buddy team leaders, as a Buddy you will guide and support students by:

  • Educating them about Australian society and culture
  • Helping them familiarise themselves with Sydney and our public transport system.
  • Facilitating opportunities for students to feel welcome at Macquarie University and connect with other Buddy teams.

You will need to have strong people skills, patience and understanding. The key objectives are to develop a positive relationship with your junior Buddy student and to foster open communication. This relationship should be thoughtful, non-judgmental, respectful and consistent with the core values of Campus Life.

The Buddy program is an unpaid volunteer opportunity. The minimum time commitment required for the Buddy program is 20 hours during orientation and semester. This is made up of a series of compulsory events and extra participation events such as O-week stall and marketing assignments.

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