"It is a challenge to juggle my busy workload, but I believe that you can always push yourself beyond expectations. My advice is to invest more into the future, and not listen to people who say you have to focus on one thing - the sky’s the limit."

"An internship is what sets you apart from everybody else and helps you become a professional. I completed my internship at the Export Council of Australia and it was a really good experience, especially in terms of networking. It made me more confident and prepared me for what was waiting for me after uni. I’m now working in client management at Macquarie Group."

"The lecturers I had at Macquarie were very knowledgeable. One of the highlights of my time at Macquarie was getting to go on some amazing field trips to explore the Australian flora and fauna.

The scholarship really motivated me to keep up the good work at university. It definitely helped me both financially and professionally."

There's also a lot of innovation going on at Macquarie, so it seemed like a natural choice."

"And it has gone further than providing a taster of the units to come – the course has provided in-depth engagement and learning of core concepts needed in all areas of prospective health professions, complementing the diversity of careers this degree readies you for.

I hope to progress in the direction of health leadership, but being passionate in all areas of health I enjoy the diverse focus this course offers. I highly recommend this course to aspiring health professionals because of the core content offered, covering current world health issues and the exceptional quality of teaching provided by health industry professionals."

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