How to apply

How to apply

To apply for a scholarship, first check that:

  • it suits your needs
  • you meet the eligibility criteria
  • it is open for applications

Most scholarship applications are submitted online via a link on the particular scholarship page. Some scholarships may require you to download and submit an application form. Please note: a student seeking admission to the University needs to lodge an application for admission as well as lodging an application for a scholarship.

If you are successful in your application, you will be sent an offer, which you can either accept or decline. Applicants who are unsuccessful will also be notified.   

Applying for a merit based or Alumni scholarship

To apply for one of Macquarie University's merit based or Alumni scholarships there is a separate online application form which can be found in the below link:

Applying for an Equity Scholarship

Equity scholarship applications are made through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC). Macquarie's equity scholarships include:

Equity scholarship applications remain open on the UAC website year round from August to July.  You can only lodge one application during this period, however, you can update it if necessary by going to the UAC Equity Scholarship page.  Your application must be updated, including sending in all associated documentation, at least two weeks prior to an Equity Scholarships offer round. Your application will remain 'live' for the whole period and will be considered in every subsequent scholarship offer round after the main round.  

Steps to getting a scholarship

  1. Find a scholarship and confirm eligibility requirements
  2. Apply for scholarship: make sure you know the deadlines!  
  3. Receive successful scholarship offer.  Please note: obtaining and accepting a Macquarie scholarship does not guarantee an offer to a course at Macquarie
  4. Accept or decline scholarship offer

Related forms

PDF icon Banking Authority Form (77.1KB)

PDF iconGPA Waiver (49.3KB)

PDF iconFull time Waiver (39.9KB)

Scholarship enquiries

Coursework Scholarships & Prizes Unit, Level 3, Lincoln Building
Macquarie University NSW 2109
Phone: 02 9850 7337 / 6401

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