Accept your offer

Accept your offer

General admission and unit enrolment information

Your offer will be emailed to you directly by Macquarie University for applications that are lodged to Macquarie. UAC offers will be released via UAC.

On your offer email, you will be directed to the offer acceptance/enrolment website containing information on:

  • how to accept your offer
  • unit enrolment
  • registering in classes
  • payment of fees
  • submitting Commonwealth Assistance Forms for HECS-HELP/FEE-HELP

Upon receipt of your offer email, you will be able to accept your offer online even if your offer contains conditions. The conditions must however be satisfied before you can enrol (refer below for information on how to satisfy the conditions of an offer).

Generally, unit enrolment occurs early February for session 1 and in May for session 2. The specific enrolment dates will be available on the enrolment website. Please be aware that a small number of courses require compulsory academic advising before you will have access to enrol into units.

Satisfying the condition/s of your offer:

If you have been granted a conditional offer, this means that you are offered a place in a course on the condition that you meet specific requirements. Students with a conditional offer will not be permitted to enrol in units or select classes until they have satisfied the conditions.

In order for your offer to remain valid, you must submit proof of satisfying the specific condition(s) as soon as possible and no later than the Friday before the teaching session starts.  If conditions have not been met by this date enrolment may not be permitted and you would need to re-apply for admission in a future study period.

Typically, to satisfy a condition, you will need to submit further documentation. When submitting documents please ensure that you follow the submission instructions provided in your official conditional offer email.  This will ensure your documents can be matched up with your application and any conditions removed as soon as possible.

Some typical conditions are outlined below, along with what is necessary to satisfy them.

Completion of a Bachelors degree

An official transcript showing course completion or an official completion letter from your previous institution is required. The transcript or letter must state clearly that you have completed your course. Stating that you have completed the required number of credit points for the degree is not sufficient evidence of degree completion.

We are unable to accept Internet printouts of results or emails confirming completion.

If you are completing your previous degree through Macquarie you will not need to submit any documents as we will have access to this information once it is released.

Proof of English language proficiency

For information on English proficiency requirements visit the English proficiency web page. You will need to submit proof that you satisfy these requirements, which may include the results of an English language test such as IELTS.

Proof of residency

You are required to provide a copy of your residency documents. For example a copy of your permanent residency visa, Australian citizenship certificate or Australian passport etc.


For information on time tabling of units please visit Timetables @ MQ


If you have received an offer to a postgraduate coursework degree for 2018 at Macquarie, you may be be able to defer your place for one year. Please refer to our deferment webpage for further information.

Deferment is not available for:

  • Commonwealth supported place offers
  • Macquarie University Graduate School of Management (MGSM) offers
  • Research course offers
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