Flexible study options

Flexible study options

Find your balance – and reach your goals

We know that life can be busy, so we provide you with the flexibility, support and resources you need to balance study with work and family commitments – and get the most from your Macquarie experience.

Double the opportunities

You can combine virtually any two areas of study with our new double master degrees, so there’s no need to narrow your options. Combine areas as diverse as international business and media, business analytics and cybersecurity, or applied linguistics and interpreting studies to explore your passions and multiply your career prospects.

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Study the way you want

Not only are our courses built around the latest research and feedback from employers, at Macquarie we multiply your potential for success with a range of flexible study options including part-time, distance and evening classes.

You also have the option to start your course at the beginning of the year in Session 1 or mid-year, at the start of Session 2 for some courses.

Not all options are available for all courses, so you'll need to investigate the choices provided for the course that interests you.

How much time should I dedicate to study each week?

Each unit equates to 12 hours of study each week, including attending or watching lectures, tutorials and completing readings and assignments.

If you are studying part-time, you can opt to study one unit per session to help you balance work and study commitments.

If you’re studying full-time you need to enrol in a minimum of three units to maintain your classification as a full-time student.

Learn on the move with iLecture

iLectures are digital recordings of lectures that you can access online anywhere and at any time. All students at Macquarie have access to iLectures related to their course. As well as listening to the recording of the lecture you can also view any PowerPoint slides provided by the lecturer.

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Short courses

Other options that you may need to consider are bridging courses and non-award study. These short courses may not provide credit towards your degree, but can help if you need specific pre-requisites to gain entry into a degree program or if you require additional skills to ensure success.

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More info

In addition to undergraduate and postgraduate courses, there are options to undertake research, complete an internship or study English at Macquarie. You may also be able to choose to study online, by distance or even in your home country.

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