Flexible study options

Flexible study options

We recognise that life is often a balancing act, therefore our goal is to provide the flexibility, support and resources you need to make a success of your academic and life choices.

Study options - study the way you want

There are various study options offered by Macquarie University. Not all options are offered for all courses, so you'll need to investigate the choices provided for the course that interests you.

Most students at Macquarie choose to study full-time. This means undertaking a full load of courses on-campus and attending session 1 and 2.

Other study options include: part time, distance, evening classes and mid-year starts.

Short courses

Other options that you may need to consider are bridging courses and non-award study. These short courses may not provide credit towards your degree, but can help if you need specific pre-requisites to gain entry into a degree program or if you require additional skills to ensure success.

Find out more about our short courses ยป

Study across traditional topic areas

Because today's global problems require multidisciplinary solutions, our programs allow you to study subjects of interest both inside and outside your academic department.

You'll be better equipped with the skills required to compete in the global economy, through a broader academic and social experience.

Learn on the move with iLecture

iLectures are digital recordings of lectures that you can access online anywhere and at any time.

All students at Macquarie have access to iLectures related to their course. As well as listening to the recording of the lecture it is also possible to view PowerPoint slides if they are provided by the lecturer.

Study Abroad

With over 200 partner universities in more than 50 countries, there are plenty of choices for short-term or full-semester exchange for postgraduate students at Macquarie.

You can receive funding to undertake:

  • international short-term exchange programs
  • Prime Minister's Australia Asia Endeavour Awards
  • dual-degree programs
  • international internships
  • international volunteering
  • fee-paying study abroad
  • working holidays

All Macquarie postgraduate coursework students are eligible to apply for a travel grant.

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