Planning your studies

Planning your studies

What is the workload?

To estimate the time required to attend lectures and tutorials (or listen to recorded lectures), research at the Library and to complete assignments, you should multiply each credit point of your enrolment by 3 hours. Therefore for one 3 credit-point unit you should expect to commit nine (9) hours of your time per week to your studies.

Youth Allowance, Austudy or Abstudy

If you are planning to apply for financial assistance, you will need to check the Centrelink requirements for payment of Youth Allowance, Austudy or Abstudy.

Please note: you should ensure that your workload each session meets the eligibility criteria for the benefit you are seeking to receive. If you are unsure of your status, please contact your nearest Centrelink office.

Centrelink is required to look at your workload on a per session basis. A student who enrols in nine (9) or more credit points in a session is considered to have a full-time study load for that session. If you enrol in six (6) credit points, which is strongly advised (for academic reasons), you will have a part-time study load.

Full information about eligibility is available from Centrelink Offices, or from the Centrelink website.

You can also telephone to find out more:

  • Youth Allowance and Austudy - 13 24 90
  • ABSTUDY - 1800 13 23 17

You should take particular care to ensure that your program of study satisfies Centrelink's requirements, as changes to your program of study may affect your eligibility for benefits. Payment of benefits may be refused, or benefits already paid may need to be refunded if your program does not conform to the specifications laid down by Centrelink.

If you are in any doubt, please check with Centrelink.

Tuition fees - how much will it cost?

Non-award study is paid for by up-front tuition fees, and is charged on the basis of the number of credit points you are enrolled in. Different departments charge different fees and different rates apply for international and domestic students.

Please note that your fees must be paid up-front and in full before classes start each session. They cannot be deferred or paid in instalments.

Find out more information on Non-award fees.

Which units are available for Non-award study?

Some Departments have special restrictions on which of their units are available to Non-award students, and these restrictions apply to all applicants. Whilst majority units offered by Macquarie University can be undertaken on a non-award basis, acceptance into the unit will be subject to departmental approval from the Faculty offering the unit.

Unit descriptions

You can read descriptions of these units in the online Macquarie University Course Handbook. Each unit's Course Handbook entry will include a brief description of the unit, any pre-requisites required for entry, and mode of offering (including which session they are offered and whether they are Day, Evening or External units). If a unit is listed as having a S1 Day availability, for instance, you can only enrol in it in Session 1 with daytime classes. If it is listed as S2 External, you can only enrol in it as a distance learning student in the Session 2.

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