Apply for non-award

Apply for non-award

Applying for Non-Award Studies OR Non-Award Actuarial Control Cycle Units (ACST831, ACST832)


Macquarie University's Non-Award program allows students to enrol into individual units without the restriction of a degree. The program is suitable for students looking at studying for general interest or for professional development purposes.


Applicants are required to have Australian Citizenship OR have Australian permanent residency status OR hold a current and valid visa which allows study in Australia for the entire 6 month duration of the course.

Please note: The Session(s), study mode(s) and number of units of study is subject to i) the type of visa that the applicant holds and ii) the expiration date  of the visa

Whilst students in some visa categories (e.g. provisional spouse visa and other long term temporary visas) may be able to enrol on a Non-Award basis, they will be limited to enrolment in no more than two units per session.

The only exceptions are students intending to enrol into ACST831, ACST832 and BIOL345 where students are not required to reside in Australia during the duration of the course.

Application closing dates

 Session 3 2019
Application Open Datemid September 2019
Early Bird Closing Date
($75 Application Fee)              
15 November 2019
Standard Closing Date*
($200 Application Fee)
22 November 2019
*Absolutely no applications will be accepted after the final closing date.
All application processing fees are non-refundable.  

** A $200 standard processing fee applies after the early bird closing date.

Fee information

Non Award and Nonaward (ACST) program fees are not deferrable through HECS or FEE-HELP.

Both the Non-Award (ACST) and NonAward programs are  upfront tuition fee based programs.You must pay the tuition fees by the tuition fee due date. If you do not pay the tuition fees by the due date, you risk cancellation of your enrolled units.

Only overseas trained professionals studying the Non-award program for bridging studies may apply for FEE-HELP. To see if you are eligible to apply for FEE-HELP as an overseas trained professional, please view the following website for more information.

Tax Invoices: Should you wish to obtain an invoice for the tuition fee paid for reimbursement purposes, please submit an enquiry through

Application validity

All Non-award students are required to pay a processing  fee with each application they submit.

Please note: The Sessions, study mode and number of units of study is subject to i) the type of visa that the applicant holds and ii) the expiration date of the visa.

Before you apply

Ensure your Eligibility:

If you are not an Australian/New Zealand citizen or Australian Permanent Resident, please determine that you have a current and valid visa which allows you to study in Australia for the 6-month duration of the course.

ACST831, ACST832, BIOL345 units  - Students intending to enrol into these units are not required to reside in Australia during the duration of the course.

Determine your units of study:

1. Please read either: a) List of Units Restricted from Non-award studies OR b)  Actuarial Control Cycle Units Important Information Sheet

2. Refer to the Macquarie University Handbook to determine which units you would like to study, the Session in which the unit is offered and the study mode.

3. Check the pre-requisites: Check that you meet the pre requisites for the unit/s. If you do meet the pre-requisites, you will need to submit evidence that you meet the prerequisites ie unit outlines of your completed units for Faculty assessment.

Required Documents to have ready

Have these documents ready (pdf format):

1. Citizenship documents: i) Australian/New Zealand citizens and Australian Permanent Residents:- Please provide current passport, Australian birth or citizenship certificate and a current and valid visa grant notification ii) Other: - Please provide a current passport and a Current and Valid Visa Grant Notification that covers the 6 month duration of the course

2. An Official Academic Transcript or record of study.

A transcript must clearly show the name of the institution, your student number, your name, the names of each unit or subject you have undertaken, the semester in which the study was undertaken and the result for each unit/subject. A printout of your current academic record from your University’s student system is acceptable. Your transcript should be recently issued and cover the current semester.

3. Evidence of Part 1 completion or examination results from the Actuaries Institute (for ACST applications only)

4.Unit Outlines: If you are applying for a unit that has pre-requisites, please provide unit outlines of units you have completed to demonstrate that you have met the prerequisites for the Macquarie units of study in which you intend to enrol. Please see the Macquarie University Handbook for specific pre-requisite information for each unit.

eg If you wish to take a second year French unit at Macquarie University, you will need to demonstrate you have completed the equivalent of first year French

5.Credit card for payment of processing fee -Visa or Master card only

Begin the Application Process

Complete the payment of processing fee and Non-award Application Form

Complete the payment and submission of the Non-award online Application Form with supporting documentation (in pdf format) uploaded to the online application form.

After submission of application

After submission of the Non-award application form, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for your application to be processed. Please check your email for our correspondence.

Should you not hear from us after 3 weeks, send an enquiry through quoting your application's reference number, your full name in accordance with your submitted application form and also the units that you are applying for.

If you have any enquiries regarding any other administrative process, please email

Tax Invoices:

Should you wish to obtain an invoice for the tuition fee paid for reimbursement purposes, please submit an enquiry through You will need to note your full name, student number (once you obtain this), the units you are enrolled in and the total amount you paid.

Thank you for your interest in the Non-award program.

Changing Units or Withdrawing units - Non-Award Program

Changing modes of study or units

Please send an email to stating your Student Number, unit you wish to change or add, session you wish to be enrolled into and please attach your most updated academic transcript.

Withdrawal from units

Please log into E-student and go to My Enrolment tab to withdraw from unit you wish to be withdrawn from OR please email stating your student number and reason for withdrawal and if you wish to be withdrawn completely from the Non-award program.

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