Study Tour Testimonials

Study Tour Testimonials

Study Tours Testimonial - Momoyama University Study Tours Testimonial - Kazutsugu Oshima

We have sent our students to Macquarie University which is one of the world's prestigious universities in Australia twice a year.

You always give them a great, warm, and generous support. All of the students who participated in your program were satisfied with your supportive learning environment, host family, and your staff members. They also enjoyed the life in Australia, including people, food, climate, and so on.

I am sure that Macquarie University provides ideal learning environment. I appreciate the partnership with you.

Kazutsugu Oshima
Director of the International Centre
Momoyama Gakuin University

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Study Tours Testimonial - Yen Wei ChenThe Study Tour program with Macquarie University is a long-running short-term study abroad program in Ritsumeikan University.

The program offers customised curriculum to develop the language skills needed for the academic context as well as specialised lectures to facilitate cross-cultural studies.

The program is popular amongst our students and over 20 students participate every year without fail.

Macquarie University is always willing to listen to us and adopt the best option according to the needs of times and students.

The "buddy program" provides guidance, advice and by far the most friendship to Ritsumeikan students; a friendship which lasts even after returning to Japan.

This has been, no doubt, integral in attracting our students to participate in the program.

Yen-Wei CHEN, Ph.D
Director of International Center at BKC
Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Seoultech TestimonialAt first, I wasn't confident about my English. When some foreigners asked something, I felt nervous and shy. While in Sydney, I studied in Macquarie program. I could practice speaking English in a class with friends. This practicing makes me more confident person about English.

Second, staying for one month with opposite culture homestay family is one of my challenge. They're always kind for me and teach Australia culture like before having dinner, says 'blessing in the meal'. It was very meaningful time for me.

Last, in ELC program I met two teachers and many foreign friends. Two teachers always have strong passion to teach English. Even I asked something about Australia's culture, they always answer kindly.

If I have a chance to go Australia again I will. Thank you for ELC program. Thanks to my university for giving the chance to go Macquarie University.

Ms Hyeongyeong KIM
Seoultech Group, Korea 
January 2016

Shidqi F. Romadhon This is my first trip to study English abroad and first time go to Australia. I am really happy and interested to take this study tour program. The classes are amazing and really fun! The teachers are kind and teach us lots of things. The host family is really good too they take care of me just like I’m there son. I hope I can take another study tour here again. I hope I can come to this University for the Medical Science. Thanks for all.

Shidqi F. Romadhon
Student Ambassador of Edu Global School, Indonesia
September 2015

Harumi KinoshitaThe TEMAP course was really well-organised with two main instructors with profound knowledge of teaching and a good sense of humour. I really enjoyed these 10 weeks in a huge beautiful campus. Looking forward to coming back sometime in the future.

Harumi Kinoshita
Tokyo English Teaching Masters Abroad Program (TEMAP)
August - October 2015

Kanako Nakahara TestimonialMy stay at Macquarie University was fantastic and it was like I was in a dream for three weeks.

For us, Kanda students, we took a special program in the ELC. We took classes with students from our same university in Japan, but we also had opportunities to communicate with MQU students, such as in the Buddy Session Program and when we did our Final Project. We interviewed MQU's clubs in O Week (Orientation Week) and, at first, we were a little bit nervous to ask questions but the MQU students were very kind and they answered our questions clearly. The MQU campus is really beautiful - there are many lovely trees and nature, even some wild animals; it really helped us to relax.

I was able to experience a lot of things that I can't in Japan; such as going to a Child Care Centre and visiting a local school to give a presentation about Japanese culture. I was really glad to be here and I want to say "Thank you" to all the people who helped me. I hope to come back again; here is my favourite place in the world.

Kanako Nakahara
Kanda University of International Studies, Japan
March 2015

Study tours kyoung ok kangI had a good experience studying at the ELC. The practical and stimulating activities that I learned in the program can be useful in my class in Korea. The good thing about Australia is that I can experience multi-cultural backgrounds; it is also a beautiful country with a lot to do!

Kyoung Ok Kang
Jeollabukdo Office of Education, Korea
TESOL Study Tour Program, January 2015

Heewon Han testimonial Jung Hun Jung testimonial

I really want to thank staff and teachers at Macquarie ELC, they gave many teachings not only English, also Australian culture. Also, I could communicate with many friends who came from different countries. We shared thoughts and emotions.

I think that just 4 weeks course is too short. The time passed so quickly, but I have no doubt in my mind that it's a big motivation to study English hard.

Heewon Han
Hansung University, Korea
July 2015

I feel like my time at Macquarie was a long sweet dream. It was the most impressive and happiness experienced in my life. I was so glad to meet everyone. Thanks to invite us to have this valuable experience. I'm looking forward to the day we can go to Australia again.

Jung Hun Jung
Daejeon University, Korea
July 2015

Testimonials Kyoichiro Shimabuku

Testimonial Lu Zeng

I had a very good time at Macquarie! My best memory is the Summer Camp. The Macquarie students were very kind and friendly. I don't want to go back to Japan!

Kyoichiro Shimabuku
Okinawa International University, Japan
February 2015

I really had a good time at Macquarie. Macquarie is the most gorgeous campus I have ever been to. You could learn a lot if you want to know more about Business and Finance. I will miss the teachers and the beautiful campus!

Lu Zeng (Nono)
Hermes Project Finance Study Tour Program, China
February 2015

Student Video

View this great video by Ritsumeikan University students of their Study Tour experience.

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