Definition of a Study Tour group

Students arrive as a group, meet Homestay as a group, and depart as a group. This includes alternative accommodation bookings and flights.  

Placement tests

With over 25 years’ experience in teaching English and the assessment of placement tests the ELC is highly qualified to determine the correct level of class for students. Students should take the placement test very seriously as it determines which class they will be allocated to for the length of their program. Class allocations are not negotiable. 

Airport transfers

Groups are required to confirm flight details in advance (6 weeks for January programs and 4 weeks for the rest of the year) to be guaranteed airport transfers. If groups have not confirmed their flight details by this time with Study Tours at MQ then airport transfers will not be provided. Groups will be refunded the airport transfer cost.

To receive airport transfers, groups should arrive and depart on the same day and at the same (or similar (within an hour)) time.

Where students from the same arriving group arrive on different days/times then airport transfers will not be provided. Students will have to make their own way to their homestay or accommodation at their own cost. 

Where students from the same arriving group arrive at the same or similar time a shuttle bus will be provided for the total number of students. In the event a flight is delayed, the shuttle, and therefore the group, will be required to wait for the delayed flight to arrive. At no time will multiple shuttles be offered. 

Early return flights 

The earliest drop off time from homestay to MQ is 06:00.

It is advised that Study Tour groups book a return international flight for no earlier than 10:00. With return flights earlier than 10:00 Study Tours at MQ will take no responsibility for groups missing flights if there is not sufficient time when leaving MQ at 06:00.

If an earlier pick up time is required then no return shuttle service will be offered. Students should make their own airport transfer arrangements at their own cost. 

Alternatively, groups can arrange to stay at an airport hotel on their final night. Note that this would not be arranged by Study Tours at MQ.

Individual payments

Study Tour payments are preferred as one lump sum in advance. Individual student payment can be available subject to approval by Study Tours at MQ. 


All Study Tour students will receive homestay guidelines in English and also their native language. These guidelines should be strictly adhered to in any and all events surrounding homestay placements. 

All communications for homestay are to come directly to Study Tours at MQ and not to the homestay family. 

Study Tour Certificates

Certificates of completion will only be offered when students have attended and completed 80% of their mandatory class. Otherwise the certificate will reflect their participation in the study tour but not weeks studied.

(Effective as of March 2016)

Download a PDF version of the Study Tour Guidelines

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