Questions and answers

Questions and answers

How many students are at ELC? 
There are between 350 and 600 students studying at ELC at any one time. The most popular times of year are January and June, immediately prior to the start of University semesters.

What is the nationality mix of students at ELC? 
There is a mix of students from a variety of nationalities at ELC. The largest cultural groups are from China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Colombia, Turkey, France, Mexico, Vietnam, Russia, Peru and Indonesia.

What accreditation does Macquarie University English Language Centre have? 
ELC is accredited by the National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS), and is a member of English Australia and University English Centres Australia (UECA).

Do I need Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)? 
Student visa holders must purchase OSHC Insurance for their entire study period plus one month, according to Australian student visa regulations. Prices will be quoted on your Offer on Enrolment. ELC's preferred provider of Student Health Insurance is OSHC Worldcare, however you are free to choose your own OSHC provider if you wish to do so.

What happens on Orientation Day? 
Orientation day is compulsory and an important part of being successful at your studies. You will be getting plenty of useful information about your studies and living in Sydney. Orientation Day is also a great opportunity to meet your new classmates and to make friends! Orientation day includes a pizza lunch and a tour of Sydney's most famous sights or a trip to the beach. There is no additional charge for the Orientation Day events.

Who can help me if I have a problem with my course? 
ELC has a qualified and experienced academic advisor and counsellor who is available to help students if personal or welfare difficulties arise. Advice on academic matters concerning your study at ELC or your future study plans is also available.
Teachers and administration staff are available as much as possible to help students with problems or any issues that may arise. Our friendly and welcoming staff will do their best to make your time at ELC enjoyable.

What is a package offer?
A package offer is an offer to study English and your degree program with Macquarie University or MUIC. If you have decided on your future study plans at MQ or MUIC you can simply apply directly to Macquarie International or MUIC with evidence of your English level. They will assess the number of weeks of English you require and suggest a start date for your English program to coincide with university semester dates. With a package offer you will have the benefit of having a reserved place in your course at Macquarie University or MUIC.

What is an English only offer?
If you would like to study English only, or if you do not yet know your future study plans, you can apply directly to ELC. You can provide evidence of your English level before you arrive or do a placement test on orientation day. You can apply online.

What is a conditional offer?
You have been offered a place at MQ but have not yet met the English requirements of entry to the course. You can show your English proficiency in two ways, either by doing and IELTS test or by studying at ELC and passing a University Entry English Preparation Program (UEEPP). If you provide evidence of your English language level we will assess the number of weeks of study you require.

When can I start to study? What are the course dates?
Our courses begin every 5 weeks. Please refer to the course dates. Please note that different countries have limitations or regulations as to the number of weeks of English you are able to study. You should refer to the relevant Australian agency in your country.

I want to apply for a student visa? How do I get a CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment)?
Firstly apply to study at (ELC) English Language Centre then we will email an offer to you. After you have accepted your offer and paid your fees you will get a CoE. You can take this to the relevant Australian authority to apply for a student visa.

I have a tourist/working holiday visa, do I need a CoE and how many weeks can I study?
CoE is not required for students studying while on a tourist visa or working holiday visa. However there are limitations to the number of weeks you are able to study depending on your nationality. If you plan to study for more weeks than your visa allows you will need to apply to the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection (DIBP) for a student visa.

How much does it cost to apply for an Offer? 
It's free. We do not charge anything for issuing an offer. We recommend you using our online application form.

Can I choose the time of my class?
No. Students must be available to study Monday to Friday either morning class (8.30am - 12.45pm) or afternoon class (1.00pm - 5.15pm).

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