Travelling with family

Travelling with family

If you plan to bring your family, partner or children with you to Australia, you'll be thinking seriously about the decision.


  • you'll have to make specific arrangements for their visas
  • they may require different living arrangements
  • you'll need to budget your living costs accordingly.

If you decide to bring your family later

You might decide to come to Australia without your family initially, to give yourself time to make all of the necessary arrangements first.

If members of your family unit who are not included in your initial student visa application would like to join you in Australia later, you must nominate them to join you and they must make a separate visa application.

Officially, your partner (spouse) and children are referred to as 'student dependents'.

Nomination of student dependents

  1. Complete the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) Form 919 Student Dependent Nomination
  2. Send it, along with the documents you are required to provide, to your dependent(s) overseas
  3. Your dependent(s) should complete DIBP Form 157A Application for a student (temporary) visa
  4. Lodge it, together with your completed Form 919 Student Dependent Nomination and the documents you have provided, at an Australian diplomatic post overseas.

You can find all forms at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Spouse who decides to study

If your spouse decides to apply for full-time study in Australia as full fee paying student, they must change their visa from a Dependent Visa to a Student Visa in their own right.

Spouse who would like to work

If your family members would like to work they can be granted Permission to Work. This means they:

  • can work up to 40 hours per fortnight
  • must not start work until the primary visa holder has commenced the course in Australia
  • have unlimited work rights if the primary visa holder has commenced a course towards a masters or doctorate degree and hold a subclass 573 (Higher education sector), 574 (Postgraduate research sector) or 576 (AusAID/Defence sector) student visa.
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