Grade point average (GPA)

Grade point average (GPA)

A Grade Point Average (GPA) is a calculation that reflects the overall grades of a student in a coursework program. It will be calculated on the basis of the units completed at Macquarie University towards the program. 

Please note, if you are successful in transferring to a Macquarie degree, your GPA will reset to zero (0). However, the credit points for the units undertaken in the Next Step pathway will count towards your bachelor degree.

For example, if your bachelor degree has a requirement of 96 credit points, then you would have already completed either 6 or 12 credit points towards that amount, depending if you accelerated into your degree or not.

As a guide, a GPA of 2.0 is equivalent to a Pass average, and a GPA of 4.0 is a Distinction/ High Distinction average. Please see the GPA calculator link below to see what sort of grades you will need to meet the GPA requirements for the bachelor degree you which to articulate into. 

Macquarie GPA Calculator


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