Articulation into a degree

Articulation into a degree

If you meet the entry requirements to one of the pathway degrees, you must complete the online application form. You will be notified by email to apply for admission.

Articulation to a bachelors degree upon completion of 12 credit points (standard articulation) or 6 credit points with GPA of 3.0 (accelerated articulation) is not automatic. Applications must still be lodged by the published dates and no late applications will be accepted.

Please note: if you are successful in transferring to a Macquarie degree, your GPA will reset to zero (0). However, the credit points for the units undertaken in the Next Step pathway will count towards your bachelor degree. For example, if your bachelor degree has a requirement of 96 credit points, then you would have already completed either 6 or 12 credit points towards that amount, depending if you accelerated into your degree or not.

Standard Articulation (those who will have completed 12 credit points at the end of Session 1) - you must complete the online application form to advise of completion.

Accelerated Articulation (those who have enrolled into 6 credit points and have gained an overall GPA of 3.0. This only applies to newly admitted Next Step students from 2014. Previous Non-award pathway students must complete the Standard Articulation) - Qualified students will be notified by email to your Macquarie Student Email the day after your examination results are released to lodge an online application form by the published date.

For students whose application is dependent upon your Session 3 examination results, once your final results for Session 3 are released, please send an email to to advise us of your intention to articulate, to ensure your application will be processed in time for Session 1 intake.

Please note: It is not recommended for Next Step pathway students to undertake Session 3 units. Session 3 is an intensive 5 to 6 week period (taught in half the time of a normal session of 13 weeks). All learning outcomes, assessments, assignments are to be completed in half the time. It is extremely fast paced and is mainly aimed for students in a degree wanting to fast track.

Additionally, for most degrees under the Next Step program, you have to meet the GPA requirement for articulation and your GPA is based on all the units you have attempted.

Entry to other degrees

It is not possible to articulate directly from Next Step to other degrees in areas such as Law. The University has internal transfer policies, set out on the Student Administration website, which permits students to transfer from one degree to another. The credit points you have gained as a Next Step student may be counted for transfer purposes, but the GPA will be calculated only on the units you have attempted in your bachelor degree.

If you intend to transfer to another degree using the Internal Course Transfer policy, it is strongly recommended that you apply for either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree via the Next Step pathway.

Next Step pathway students applying through UAC for admission into a bachelor degree may also include other degrees offered by Macquarie in their preference list, however no guarantee of a place can be made and selection is extremely competitive. As part of the selection process through UAC, one or more of the following will be taken into account when considering your application: secondary studies, tertiary studies, post-secondary studies and other relevant factors, such as special circumstances (please refer to Section 3 of the 2016-2017 UAC Guide).

It is strongly recommended that you include at least one of the pathway degrees (e.g. BA or BSc) in your preference list when applying through UAC.

For more information on how and when to apply to enter a degree, please contact Student Connect located in Building C7A Level 2 (MUSE).

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