Undergraduate Cross-institutional study

Undergraduate Cross-institutional study

If you are a Commonwealth supported student you will be charged the 2016 student contribution amount for your 2016 unit enrolments according to the subject area of the unit.
At Macquarie, the standard full time load for a cross institutional study is 23 credit points. This is equal to 1 EFTSL (Effective Full-time Student Load) and is used to calculate student contribution for a unit.

How much does a unit of study cost?

Step 1

Check the Course Handbook and take a note of:

  • The Unit Code
  • The Credit Point value of the unit

Step 2

Look up the Student Contribution Band for the unit you are interested in.

Step 3

Look up the Annual Student Contribution Amount for the Student Contribution Band

Step 4

The cost of a unit based upon the most common credit point values are shown here

 Unit Cost = (Credit points ÷ 23) × Annual Contribution Amount


The examples below are rounded to the nearest dollar.

Student contribution for one unit

You are a cross institutional student and want to enrol in CBMS101 in 2016 The Student Contribution Band for this 3 credit point unit is Band 2. Your unit cost for 2016 is calculated as follows

Unit Band Annual Student Contribution × Credit points ÷ Standard Annual Load Student Contribution 
CBMS101 2 $8,917 × 3 ÷ 23 $1,163

The cost of a unit is based upon

  • the standard annual load
  • the credit point value of the unit
  • the student contribution band
Credit Points EFTSL Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 
1.0 0.0435 $272 $387 $453
2.0 0.0870 $544 $775 $907
3.0 0.1304 $816 $1,163 $1,316
4.0 0.1739 $1,088 $1,550 $1,815

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