Census dates

Census dates

Coursework Students

The census date for a unit is the last date that you can withdraw from a unit without incurring a financial liability for that unit. You can view census dates of your enrolled units in eStudent. Go to My Enrolment tab then select the menu option 'Check Unit Enrolment & Print Timetable'.

If you are a Commonwealth supported student your student contribution charge and Student Learning Entitlement (SLE) are calculated as at the unit census date. If you are a fee-paying student your tuition fee is calculated as at the unit census date.

The unit census dates for the University study periods and locations are listed below.

Standard Census Dates

Study Period Census date
Session 1 26/03/2016
Session 2 26/08/2016
Session 3 17/12/2016
Full Year 26/04/2016
Full Year 2 7/10/2016
Nth Hem Semester 1 22/05/2016
Nth Hem Semester 2 13/11/2016
Vacation 31/01/2016
Winter Vacation 4/07/2016

For a full list of census dates, view our Important academic dates page.

Macquarie Graduate School of Management Census Dates

The following census dates apply for all locations

Study Period Census date
1st Term 22/01/2016
2nd Term 15/04/2016
3rd Term 8/07/2016
4th Term 30/09/2016

Applied Finance Centre Census dates

The actual census date will vary based upon the unit that you are enrolling in and the location of the campus.

Exact details are available from the Applied Finance Centre

School of Medicine

Study Period Census date
School of Medicine 1 28/01/2016
School of Medicine 2 26/02/2016
School of Medicine 3 31/03/2016
School of Medicine 4 28/04/2016
School of Medicine 5 27/05/2016
School of Medicine 6 30/06/2016
School of Medicine 7 28/07/2016
School of Medicine 8 27/08/2016
School of Medicine 9 26/09/2016
School of Medicine 10 28/10/2016
School of Medicine 11 30/11/2016
School of Medicine 12 26/12/2016

Macquarie University International College

Study period Census date
MUIC Term 1 27/01/2016
MUIC Term 2 15/03/2016
MUIC Term 3 3/05/2016
MUIC Term 4 21/06/2016
MUIC Term 5 9/08/2016
MUIC Term 6 27/09/2016
MUIC Term 7 15/11/2016

Open Universities Australia

Study Period Census date
OUA Term 1 21/03/2016
OUA Term 2 20/06/2016
OUA Term 3 19/09/2016
OUA Term 4 19/12/2016
OUA Session 1 24/03/2016
OUA Session 2 11/08/2016
OUA Session 3 8/12/2016

Higher Degree Research

Higher degree research candidates have a census date for each half-year enrolment period (ie 1 January to 30 June and 1 July to 31 December) during their candidature. Please refer to Postgraduate Research Tuition Fees for research unit census dates.

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