Macquarie Entry Navigator

Macquarie Entry Navigator

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At Macquarie we’re all about success. With Macquarie Entry, we recognise your strengths, interests and personal circumstances.

Through a range of tailored entry criteria, we ensure that you enter university with the appropriate support for success both in your studies and beyond to your career.

For example, we recognise that your ATAR doesn’t necessarily reflect your achievements or potential, so through our Macquarie Entry programs we treat you as an individual and recognise all of the things that make you unique.

These range from academic results in relevant HSC subjects to your engagement in your local community, previous study or work experience – and everything in between. Because whatever your personal circumstances are, we believe in credit where credit’s due so we take everything into account.

To best help you follow your passion at Macquarie, we’ve created a simple entry program navigator. You’ll be able to compare all of our entry programs and work out which ones suit you best and you’ll quickly discover you have more options open to you than you first thought.

All you need to do is answer the following questions. The navigator will do the rest!

I know which course I want to study:

I would like to apply as a:

Are you of Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander origin?

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