Short Term Study Abroad - Universitait Hamburg (July)

Short Term Study Abroad - Universitait Hamburg (July)

The University of Hamburg is the biggest research and education institution in Northern Germany and one of the most extensive universities in Germany. The main campus is located in the central district of Rotherbaum, with affiliated institutes and research centres spread around the city state.

The 'Global Modernisms/Global Modernities: Developing Transcultural Reading Practices in a Global Age' Summer School will take place within the MQ-FU-HAM trilateral partnership and the phase-2 DAAD Subproject-9 “Modernisms and Modernities East, West and South: Comparing Literary and Cultural Experiences”.  The Global Modernism program will be complemented by sessions on German culture and history—topics will be discussed and taught on field trips and during excursions. A language course and extracurricular activities, such as a day trip to Berlin, are also included into the Summer School.

During the Summer School Health Economics at Universit├Ąt Hamburg, you will have the opportunity to learn from leading scientists in a unique research environment. In the midst of our renowned and highly interdisciplinary Hamburg Center for Health Economics (HCHE), you will study on the interface of medicine, business, economics and social sciences. The Center is home to more than 70 researchers, who you will join in their pursuits to find solutions to current and future challenges in health service provision. The health economics program will be complemented by sessions on German culture and history—topics will be discussed and taught on field trips and during excursions. A language course and extracurricular activities, such as a day trip to Berlin, will complement the program.


Germany, Europe

Type of Program

Short term Study Abroad

Level of Study


Undergraduate (Final Year)

Length of Program

4 weeks

Program Dates

1 July - 26 July 2019

Language of Instruction


Travel Grant


GPA Requirement (Out of 4.0)


Course Information

Mapping TBC - Global Modernisms and Health Economics Courses.

Please see 2018 Macquarie credit approvals.


The University of Hamburg Housing

Exchange Student Website

The University of Hamburg

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for this program, you must meet the following:

  • Macquarie Abroad General Eligibility Criteria
  • Nomination from Macquarie University
  • English language proficiency for non-native speakers
  • Review the course information and restricted courses to check it is suitable for your degree progression at Macquarie University

How to Apply

Applicants must complete an online Application form. You'll need to include:

Your personal details, One University preference, It should take around 2 - 3 minutes to complete an application.

Further information

Application Fee and Payment Options: For all exchange programs (semester and short term), there is a compulsory application fee. For more information and payment options please refer to the Payment Website.

Logistics Fees: Return airfare and any additional leisure travel undertaken.

Insurance: It is a requirement of the exchange program that all students must purchase their own travel insurance to cover them for the duration of their entire journey overseas. More information will be given to students upon acceptance.

Program Costs: You remain enrolled at Macquarie University and continue to pay your tuition fees to Macquarie University. As an exchange student you pay no tuition fees to host university. However, you must also always be prepared for unexpected expenses, and should consider how you will be dealing with the expenses of your exchange before you leave your home country. Prior to departure, you will need to save sufficient funds to cover all of your expenses for the duration of your exchange. Some costs to consider include: airfares, students visa (if required), travel health insurance, accommodation, food, additional travel, entertainment, textbooks, incidental expense. If you wish to work while you are away, it is important to note that work rights for international students vary from country to country. For further information about your visa restrictions please contact the consulate or embassy of your host country.

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Business; Environment

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