Short Term Exchange - Chinese University of Hong Kong, The (CUHK) (July)

Short Term Exchange - Chinese University of Hong Kong, The (CUHK) (July)

Founded in 1963, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is a forward-looking comprehensive research university with a global vision and a mission to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring together China and the West. CUHK teachers and students hail from all around the world. CUHK graduates are connected worldwide through an extensive alumni network.

As a top university in Hong Kong and Asia, CUHK aims to nurture students with both specialized knowledge and wisdom for life. The education experience here is distinguished by a flexible credit unit system, a college system, bilingualism and multiculturalism. There are general education courses to broaden students' perspectives and develop in them the ability to face the challenges of contemporary society. CUHK’s eight Faculties offer a wide array of excellent undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

CUHK undertakes a wide range of research programmes in many subject areas, and strives to provide scope for all academic staff to undertake consultancy and collaborative projects with industry. The University's insistence on the highest standards of research has won it an enviable research reputation. Hong Kong's University Grants Committee (UGC) provides preferential grant funding to the local tertiary institutions to conduct research into 18 selected Areas of Excellence (AoEs). Seven of these AoEs are being led by researchers from CUHK. The University houses five state key laboratories which are entrusted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China to produce research of international quality and carry out important national research tasks. The University also has an excellent record of published research, both in discipline-specific journals and in more high-profile publications such as Science, Nature, and The Lancet.

Of all Hong Kong universities, CUHK is the only one that offers a college experience. To our constituent colleges, Chung Chi, New Asia, United and Shaw, have recently been added Morningside, S.H. Ho, C.W. Chu, Wu Yee Sun and Lee Woo Sing, bring up the total number of colleges to nine. College programmes and activities complement the formal curricula by delivering whole-person education and pastoral care. The college system also encourages intimate interaction among teachers, students and alumni.

CUHK’s beautiful 137.3-hectare campus overlooking Tolo Harbour is the largest and greenest in Hong Kong. It houses a range of facilities essential for an all-round campus experience, such as world-class libraries, art museums, music halls, swimming pool, sports fields, tennis courts, squash courts, water sports centre and gymnasiums.

International students can immerse themselves in a multicultural environment and gain insights into Asian cultures, experience a unique learning environment on the green, spacious campus of CUHK outside regular term time, and enjoy the many pleasures of summer in Hong Kong – Asia’s world city.

Country: Hong Kong (SAR of China)
Program Dates: 25 June - 2 August 
Type of program: Short Term Exchange
Length of Program: 5 weeks
Language of Instruction: Cantonese
Accommodation: Please refer to the accommodation website
Course Details: For more information, please visit this  website .The program brochure can be found here.

Areas Program Names
Business and Management  * Asian Business * Internet Marketing * Global Enterprise Management * Introduction to International Business * Human Resource Management * Marketing Management * International Finance * Principles of Management
China Studies * China on Screen * Government and Politics of China * Chinese Culture and Society * Media and Social Development in Mainland China * Chinese Foreign Policy
Chinese Language * Cantonese (various levels) * Putonghua (various levels)
Environment Science & Technology * Energy and Green Society * Fundamentals in Chinese Medicine * Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship* Urban Sustainability
Humanities and Social Science General Psychology * The Culture of Cyberspace  * Sexualities and Societies

Academic Advice: All students looking to apply for a program should seek Academic Advice with the relevant Department or Faculty.

Application Deadline: 31 March 2017

Pre-approved unit list: Please refer to this file for the unit list approved as at 19/05/2017. Please be advised that there are still a lot of units pending, we will upload the final list when it is ready.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this program, you must:

  • Enrolled into an undergraduate degree at Macquarie
  • Students must have minimum GPA of 2.6 at time of assessment
  • Completed a minimum 18cp at time of assessment
  • Pay the $50 Application Fee
  • Satisfy other criteria specified in the Student Exchange Policy

How to apply

Applicants must complete an online Application form. You'll need to include:

Your personal details, One University preference, It should take around 2 - 3 minutes to complete an application.

Important notes:

Application Fee: A non-refundable fee of $50 applies for all Short Term Programs. Applications for students who have not made the payment as per payment option will not have their applications assessed. please submit a soft copy of the receipt to, otherwise your application will not be assessed.

Logistics Fees: Airfare: subject to change depending on time of booking. Students should not book until they receive official acceptance from CUHK

Insurance: Travel insurance: must be purchased for duration of the trip. More information will be given to successful applicants.

Program Costs: This is a fee-paying program, all students must pay the program fee under the instruction of the host university. Additionally, you must also always be prepared for unexpected expenses, and should consider how you will be dealing with the expenses of your exchange before you leave your home country. Prior to departure, you will need to save sufficient funds to cover all of your expenses for the duration of your exchange. Some costs to consider include: airfares, students visa (if required), travel health insurance, accommodation, food, additional travel, entertainment, textbooks, incidental expense. If you wish to work while you are away, it is important to note that work rights for international students vary from country to country. For further information about your visa restrictions please contact the consulate or embassy of your host country.

*Disclaimer: Macquarie University does not ensure the quality or reputation of activities run externally, should students choose to undertake these activities they take on the full risk and responsibility. All students need to undertake their own risk assessment before departure, considering wisely their personal health and safety risks. Ultimately participation in these activities is at the students’ risk.

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International students can immerse themselves in a multicultural environment and gain insights into Asian cultures, experience a unique learning environment on the green, spacious campus of CUHK outside regular term time, and enjoy the many pleasures of summer in Hong Kong – Asia’s world city.

Area of study
Business; Education; Law, security and intelligence; Media, creative arts, and communication; Society, history and languages

Has a GPA requirement

Macquarie, Undergraduate, Admisnistration, Business, Marketing, Management, Short Term, Exchange, Hong Kong

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