Semester Exchange - Osaka University - New Colombo Plan

Semester Exchange - Osaka University - New Colombo Plan

Ranked 63rd in the world (QS, 2017), Osaka University is one of Japan's National Seven Universities. Many prominent scientists have worked at Osaka University such as the Nobel Laureate in Physics Hideki Yukawa.

Osaka University is very strong in the discipline of Engineering and Technology, ranked 57th in the world according to 2017 QS subject ranking. Its School of Engineering is the largest School within the university with approximately 6,000 students. Exchange students can take English-taught courses in Engineering or join the FrontierLab to complete their Research Thesis.

FrontierLab is an unique academic internship in science and technology. Participants will become a student member of a research group in one of Osaka University's internationally renowned science and technology fields and do full-time research work under the academic supervision of a faculty member. FrontierLab is open to MQ Engineering students in their 3rd or 4th year of study. The program is equivalent to Engineering Research Thesis A + Thesis B (a total of 12 credit points)


Osaka, Japan

Type of Program

Semester exchange

Scholarship This program is supported by New Colombo Plan (NCP). Successful applicants with Australian citizenship will get $6000 NCP scholarship.

Level of Study


Length of Program

5 months

Program Dates

1st semester (spring): April - August;
2nd semester (autumn): September - February

GPA Requirement  Min. 2.5 out of 4

Language of Instruction


Area of study


Course Details

FrontierLab Program is open to MQ Engineering students in their 3rd or 4th year of study, equivalent to MQ's Engineering Research Thesis A and Thesis B -  a total of 12 credit points. Students can enrol in the below divisions under the School of Engineering:Mechanical, Material and Manufacturing Science and Electronic and Information Engineering. All programs are conducted in English. Please refer to more information in this website. Frontier Lab Brochure can be viewed here.

Students who are interested in other courses, can view course catalogues here.


Students who wish to join the Frontier Lab Program need to meet the following course pre-requisites before semester exchange, or seek faculty approval.

  • Electronics Engineering: 69CP at 100 level or above inc. ELEC342+ELEC434+ELEC376
  • Mechanical Engineering: 69CP at 100 level or above inc. MECH301+MECH302+MECH303
  • Mechatronic Engineering: 69CP at 100 level or above inc. MECH303 or MECH320, and ELEC324+ELEC326
  • Electrical Engineering: 69CP at 100 level or above inc. ELEC324+ELEC395+ELEC396
  • Telecommunications: 69CP at 100 level or above inc. ELEC345+ELEC321 and COMP347
  • Computer Science: 69CP at 100 level or above inc. ELEC342+ELEC343 and COMP333 or ELEC376
  • Software Engineering: 69CP at 100 level or above inc. CPMP332+CPMP333+CPMP335


Please refer to the accommodation website

Academic Advice

All students looking to apply for a program should seek Academic Advice with the relevant Department or Faculty.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for this program, you must:

1. Have Australian Citizenship
2. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (varies each program).
3. Be in the last year (4th year) during exchange.
4. Enough credit points remaining to complete the program.
5. Participants will be expected to make a presentation in English at the end of the term.

How to apply

Applicants must complete an online  Application form

You'll need to include:

Your personal details, One University preference, It should take around 2 - 3 minutes to complete an application.

Important notes:

Application Fee and Payment Options: For all exchange programs (semester and short term), there is a compulsory application fee. For more information and payment options please refer to the Cost and Funding Website.

Insurance: It is a requirement of the exchange program that all students must purchase their own travel insurance to cover them for the duration of their entire journey overseas. More information will be given to students upon acceptance.

Program Costs: You remain enrolled at Macquarie University and continue to pay your tuition fees to Macquarie University. As an exchange student you pay no tuition fees to host university. However, you must also always be prepared for unexpected expenses, and should consider how you will be dealing with the expenses of your exchange before you leave your home country. Prior to departure, you will need to save sufficient funds to cover all of your expenses for the duration of your exchange. Some costs to consider include: airfares, students visa (if required), travel health insurance, accommodation, food, additional travel, entertainment, textbooks, incidental expense. If you wish to work while you are away, it is important to note that work rights for international students vary from country to country. For further information about your visa restrictions please contact the consulate or embassy of your host country.

*Disclaimer: Macquarie University does not ensure the quality or reputation of activities run externally, should students choose to undertake these activities they take on the full risk and responsibility. All students need to undertake their own risk assessment before departure, considering wisely their personal health and safety risks. Ultimately participation in these activities is at the students’ risk.

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Study a Semester Exchange program in Osaka University - New Colombo Plan for 5 months, Osaka University - New Colombo Plan is located in Japan

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Engineering and IT

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Up to AU$6,000

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