Brazil - CNPQ (Science Without Borders) 

Brazil - CNPQ (Science Without Borders) 

The mobility  program proposed here aims to launch  the seeds of  what  could revolutionize  the R&D system, the  Brazilian students  and researchers  exposed to an  environment of  high  competitiveness and  entrepreneurship.

Eligibility criteria 

Find more information about the program "Ciência sem Fronteiras" at CNPQ.

How to apply

Details on how to apply to Ciência sem Fronteiras" are available on the website. Visit

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Find more information about the program Ciencia sem Fronteiras at CNPQ website.

Area of study
Engineering and IT; Environment; Science

Has a GPA requirement; International students only; Only eligible to specific countries; Full offers only

Brazil, Science Without Borders, Postgraduate, Research, Doctoral, Study Abroad, CNPQ

Fee reduction

Full Scholarship plus stipend

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Closing dates URL

Level of study
Postgraduate; Research; Other

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