Test drive the future in Cyber Security

Test drive the future in Cyber Security

Test drive the future in Cyber Security

We invite your school to experience an exciting new offering: the Optus Cyber Security Experience.

Developed in collaboration with Optus and LifeJourney, the Optus Cyber Security Experience puts students into an interactive corporate cyber security situation where key roles from the cyber security team are introduced as a situation unfolds.

This free, exciting experience for you and your students, which can be completed at any time, explores six cyber security career paths as well as the decision processes involved in a typical corporate cyber security attack.

The program will give your students insight to the various cyber security careers that are in high demand and enhance their problem solving, decision-making, communication and teamwork skills. During this experience, your students will also be able to see the links between cyber careers and related courses for study at Macquarie University.

And, this program isn’t just for your students – it’s also for you. As a participating teacher, you’ll also partake in the Cyber Teacher Program, designed to elevate teachers understanding of cybersecurity and how they can introduce cyber careers into their curriculum.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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