Resources for teachers

Resources for teachers

Resources for teachers

At Macquarie, we’re not just here for your students, we’re also here for you. Explore the range of other services and facilities we have on offer – just for you.

  • Ancient History resources for schools

    Find out about Ancient History programs offered to primary and secondary school students.

    • Our Library - it's more than just books

      As a valued and extended member of our team, you’re entitled to access our millions of print and electronic resources – for free!

    • Big History

      Big History provides a rich and engaging new way to connect knowledge across the sciences, humanities, and provides new perspectives on the forces that have shaped societies through the ages.

    • Listen and learn

      Our Pioneering Minds podcast series looks at some of the most compelling stories within Macquarie University. Hear our academics share their expertise in everything from cognitive disorders to neurolaw, Big History to quantum computing, STEM and organisational sustainability.

      • HSCStudyLab

        Based on the aims and objectives of the NSW syllabus, and delivered by experienced Year 11 and 12 teachers, the HSCStudyLab will aid in better results for your students, improve their confidence and increase their ability to apply their understanding of course content - and it's available on any device.

      • Career Advisers and Teachers Day presentations

        Access the presentations from our Careers Advisers and Teachers Day.

        • Student and Parent Information Evening presentation

          Access the presentations from our Student and Parent Information Evening.

          • Museums and collections

            Explore the unique and interactive side of the arts, history and science through our diverse collections and museums. Find out about our tours, workshops and other special events.

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