Overseas opportunities

Overseas opportunities

"Living independently in a foreign country gave me a chance to identify my strengths and weaknesses away from home. Exchange is a truly remarkable and character building experience."

Max in BerlinMax Turner
Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Laws and Macquarie University Mobility Scholarship recipient.

The best way to truly immerse yourself in global issues is to experience them first hand. We make it a priority to support your globe-trekking ambitions by having one of the most generous travel grant schemes of any university in Australia. Travel with your course and you’re almost guaranteed funds to help you on your way.

Our Student Exchange program is one of the best. Study for just a couple weeks, a whole session or even a year. Not learning a language? No worries. You have many options to take courses taught in English in locations that may surprise you. The choice is yours.

Macquarie’s unique PACE program facilitates valuable practical experiences in Australia and overseas. So, you could find yourself teaching English to disadvantaged youth in Vietnam, helping young people gain employment in India or helping fight child labour in the Philippines. This is just a snapshot; our range of PACE options is extensive.

Macquarie’s Global Leadership Program (GLP) is an extracurricular program that can be undertaken alongside any course at Macquarie. The GLP provides you with outstanding opportunities to enhance your study experience by developing important leadership and cross-cultural skills and undertake international experiences.

Overseas opporunities

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