Schools Recommendation Scheme

Schools Recommendation Scheme

Schools Recommendation Scheme

What is it?

If you have potential, we want to know about it. With the Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS), you can receive an early offer to study at Macquarie before you receive your ATAR. 

We'll look at your Year 11 academic achievements and your school's rating of your learning ability and aptitude.

What you can study

Choose from over 80 courses Macquarie University degrees

UAC CodeDegree
300543Bachelor of Advanced Science
300116Bachelor of Ancient History
300118Bachelor of Ancient History (Distance)
300201Bachelor of Applied Finance
300273Bachelor of Applied Finance/Bachelor of Business Analytics
300272Bachelor of Applied Finance/Bachelor of Commerce - Professional Accounting
300271Bachelor of Applied Finance/Bachelor of Economics
300312Bachelor of Applied Finance/Bachelor of Laws
300143Bachelor of Archaeology
300107Bachelor of Arts 
300907Bachelor of Arts (Distance)
300318Bachelor of Media/Bachelor of Laws
300127Bachelor of Arts - Psychology
300409Bachelor of Arts - Psychology/Bachelor of Education (Primary)
300523Bachelor of Arts - Psychology/Bachelor of Human Sciences
300395Bachelor of Arts - Psychology/Bachelor of Laws
300563Bachelor of Arts - Psychology/Bachelor of Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences
300287Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce
300405Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary)
300408Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
300304Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws
300145Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science
300532Bachelor of Biodiversity and Conservation
300204Bachelor of Business Administration
300253Bachelor of Business Administration/Bachelor of Arts
300258Bachelor of Business Administration/Bachelor of Arts - Psychology
300282Bachelor of Business Administration/Bachelor of Commerce - Professional Accounting
300308Bachelor of Business Administration/Bachelor of Laws
300283Bachelor of Business Administration/Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
300205Bachelor of Business Analytics
300233Bachelor of Business Analytics/Bachelor of Security Studies
300470Bachelor of Chiropractic Science
300210Bachelor of Commerce 
300229Bachelor of Commerce - Professional Accounting
300235Bachelor of Commerce - Professional Accounting/Bachelor of Business Analytics 
300322Bachelor of Commerce - Professional Accounting/Bachelor of Laws
300212Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts -  Psychology
300307Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws
300213Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
300288Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science
300496Bachelor of Digital Business
300209Bachelor of Economics
300237Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Business Analytics
300711Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) with Electrical Engineering
300712Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) with Electronics Engineering
300713Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) with Mechanical Engineering
300714Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) with Mechatronic Engineering 
300715Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) with Software Engineering
300716Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) with Telecommunications Engineering
300723Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Arts
300721Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Commerce
300722Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Science
300516Bachelor of Environment
300317Bachelor of Environment/Bachelor of Laws
300207Bachelor of Global Business
300144Bachelor of Hellenic Studies
300522Bachelor of Human Sciences
300503Bachelor of Information Technology
300504Bachelor of Information Technology - Games Design and Development
300340Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Laws
300131Bachelor of International Studies
300316Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Laws
300306Bachelor of Laws (Distance)
300515Bachelor of Marine Science
300139Bachelor of Media
300570Bachelor of Planning
300126Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
300524Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)/Bachelor of Human Sciences
300309Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)/Bachelor of Laws
300564Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)/Bachelor of Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences
300120Bachelor of Social Science
300517Bachelor of Science
300917Bachelor of Science (Distance)
300519Bachelor of Science - Global Challenges
300129Bachelor of Science - Psychology
300410Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
300305Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws
300135Bachelor of Security Studies
300136Bachelor of Security Studies (Distance)
300310Bachelor of Security Studies/Bachelor of Laws
300319Bachelor of Social Science/Bachelor of Laws
300521Bachelor of Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences
300561Bachelor of Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences/Bachelor of Human Sciences
300418Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
300419Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) (Distance)

Who you are

You will be completing an Australian Year 12 course or the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Australia in 2017.

How you apply

Applying is easy. Simply go to the University Admissions Centre (UAC) SRS portal and follow the instructions. 

Applications for 2018 entry have now closed. 

Please note that your SRS application is not an application for tertiary study. You must also submit an application for tertiary study through the UAC.

After you apply

Macquarie will be in contact with you so don't forget to check your email. 

Offers will only be made to your highest eligible preference. UAC SRS offers will be released from November Round 1, Thursday 16 November onwards. Read UAC important dates for change of preference deadlines. 

Hear from our students

As I’d been at my high school for 6 years, my teachers had a very good idea of what I was capable of achieving. Because of this knowledge, they were able to recommend me through the Schools Recommendation Scheme, and I received an early offer to study law at Macquarie. It was really encouraging to know that Macquarie valued my achievements and the extracurricular activities I was doing at school. That recognition has motivated me to continue working hard at university – I’m very proud of my achievements and grateful for the opportunities I’ve been able to pursue so far.

Shelby Sewak - Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Laws

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