Pre-law pathway

Pre-law pathway

Pre-law pathway 

What is it?

Macquarie’s Pre-Law Pathway is the alternative avenue for those looking to transfer into law from a non-law degree. It allows you to undertake introductory law units as a pathway to the Bachelor of Laws from a Macquarie non-law degree.

Who you are

If you’ve been admitted to a non-law degree at Macquarie University, you can apply for admission to the Pre-Law Pathway prior to your first session of studies, if you meet the following criteria:

  • Completed your HSC in 2017.
  • Starting at Macquarie in 2018 – accepted an approved single degree (eg. Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Social Science, or Bachelor of Psychology).
  • Attained an ATAR of 93+ (minimum ATAR to be established each year) 
  • 6 bonus points can contribute towards this ATAR (Academic Advantage bonus points do not apply)

How do I apply?

To apply you will need to have your preferred Macquarie non-law degree as a preference in your UAC application. After you have been offered and accepted a place in a non-law degree, please apply for the Pre-Law Pathway by submitting the form below.

Applications open 21st December.
Final applications must be received by 18th Feb 2018

After you apply

You will study LAW115 Foundations of Law in your first Session. In your second Session you will study:

  • LAWS104 – Contracts
  • LAWS108 – Law, Lawyers and Society
  • LAW109 – Criminal Justice

After completing all four units, you can apply for a course transfer into a Double Degree with Bachelor of Laws or a Single Bachelor of Laws.

Hear from our students

"Macquarie Entry's flexibility has really helped me achieve my dreams. I had my heart set on studying a Bachelor of International Studies with Bachelor of Laws, but I didn't quite get the ATAR for law. With the ATAR I received, I was able to enrol in the Bachelor of International Studies, and using my first-year uni results, I was able to take up law via Macquarie's Pre-Law Pathway. So, even though I missed out on law initially, I was able to show that I could do well at uni and gain entry that way."

Majella Dunn - Bachelor of International Studies with Bachelor of Laws

Current Macquarie student?

If you are a Macquarie student currently enrolled in a non-law degree, please see the Pre-Law Pathway/Course Transfer page more more information.


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