We have a wide range of specialised certificates to allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of one particular field.

Study Abroad Certificate

A pre-designed Study Abroad Certificate will take the guesswork out of your semester abroad, allowing you to explore outside-the-box ideas in great detail. Study Abroad Certificates are currently available at the undergraduate level.

You must indicate your choice of certificate at the time of application, and your eligibility will then be automatically assessed for all units in the nominated certificate. If you're approved for, and enrol in, at least three listed units, you'll qualify to receive a Study Abroad Certificate once you successfully complete your program at Macquarie University.

You can also opt to add a fourth unit from the certificate or from the courses listed in the handbook. Keep in mind that several courses outside of the certificate options have prerequisites to ensure you're ready for study in that area. Check the prerequisites in the handbook and make sure your course isn't listed as a restricted unit for Study Abroad students.

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