Social science Society, history and languages

Social science Society, history and languages

How can violent crime be reduced and our neighbourhoods made safer? What impact do social inequalities have on opportunities? Questions like these are at the heart of social science – the study of society and the relationships among individuals.

At Macquarie you’ll develop skills in social research and applied social science, preparing you to make valuable contributions to some of the world’s biggest issues.

Careers in social science

  • change manager
  • educator
  • evaluator
  • government or private sector consultant
  • human resources officer
  • international aid worker
  • journalist
  • local government officer
  • market researcher
  • policy analyst
  • social researcher
  • town planner

Professional experience

Study the importance of culture and tradition working alongside local indigenous groups in Sabah, Malaysia.

We believe in learning beyond the lecture hall. Through Macquarie's unique PACE program, you have the opportunity to increase your knowledge in social science and gain important practical experience working with partner organisations and communities locally, regionally and internationally.

As a social sciences student, Elissa Boyd undertook an international activity in Sabah, Malaysia, working with a local indigenous group to record their traditional knowledge on rice cultivation and its relation to the moon cycle. Elissa produced an outstanding document for the Kadazandusun community to document their traditional practices and help to empower future generations with knowledge and understanding of their cultural history.

PACE activities not only prepare you for your future career, they provide opportunities that can make a difference in the world. Learn more about the opportunities available through PACE.

Student experience

Brigit Busicchia

Master of Policy and Applied Social Research

The thing I liked best about studying this degree was that I would leave any lecture having learnt something new and useful, thanks to the freshness of approach and the dynamism of the teaching staff. From my experience, this degree attracts quality students from different horizons, and it has made my learning experience exciting as well as extremely rewarding.”

Christopher Hellmundt

Master of Policy and Applied Social Research

"One of the greatest things about my degree at Macquarie was how practical it was...what that meant was that I could take those practical skills and implement them straight away at work."

Our expertise in social science

Dr Ben Spies-Butcher

Dr Ben Spies-Butcher

Lecturer in Economy and Society

Dr Spies-Butcher has a PhD in economics from the University of Sydney and his work centres on the political economy of social policy. He is a Research Associate of the Retirement Policy and Research Centre at the University of Auckland, a Board member of Shelter NSW and is on the Policy Advisory Group for the Council on the Ageing NSW. He is also a ‘policy whisperer’ for the Power to Persuade research blog. He previously worked in the non-government sector in policy and project roles.

See Dr Spies-Butcher's full profile

Dr Peter Rogers

Lecturer in Sociology of Law and Criminology 

Dr Rogers completed his PhD at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) in urban regeneration and the social exclusion of young people, fostering a keen interest in the sociology of space and the operations of democratic governance.

Before moving to Australia in 2008 he was a lecturer in Cultural Studies, Criminology and Sociology at Manchester Metropolitan University, and has been an active member of the British Sociological Association, sitting on the executive council as a trustee and founding the Urban Theory and Research Study Group.

Study social science and sociology at Macquarie

Sociology at Macquarie provides students with knowledge and skills that are academically rigorous, socially meaningful and vocationally relevant. Sociology combines well with studies in law, economics, psychology, human resources management, education, philosophy, political science and human geography.

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