Politics Society, history and languages

Politics Society, history and languages

Politics is broadly concerned with the way societies are structured and with the distribution of authority, power and influence. It is a means by which collective decisions are reached.

At Macquarie you’ll explore the processes of policy formulation, implementation and evaluation, current political ideas, major debates covering world politics, relations between states and international institutions.

Careers in politics

  • advocate and lobbyist
  • campaign officer/manager 
  • diplomat 
  • electorate officer 
  • foreign affairs adviser 
  • legislator 
  • local, state and federal government officer 
  • journalist
  • marketing and advertising specialist 
  • media and communications adviser 
  • mediator 
  • ministerial liaison officer 
  • political consultant 
  • politician 
  • press secretary 
  • public policy adviser 
  • researcher
  • trade union representative

Professional experience

Learn about the complex world of politics and international relations right in the heart of advocacy or lobbying organisations, well before you graduate.

At Macquarie we believe in learning beyond the leacture theatre. Through the PACE program, you can gain unique practical experience working on local, regional or international projects with advocacy and lobbying organisations, political consultancies, non-government organisations, local governments, and media and business organisations. The world is in your hands.

No matter what you decide to study at Macquarie, PACE has an opportunity available for you. Learn more about the opportunities available through PACE.

Student experience

Fran Cole

Fran Cole

Master of Politics and Public Policy

"Studying the Master of Politics and Public Policy has altered how I work as a public policy practitioner. It has given me greater confidence in how I work, particularly in relation to working through complex policy problems, and a better understanding of how my colleagues in other policy roles operate. It has also been a fantastic networking opportunity. I've made great connections through my classmates who work across a wide range of sectors including government, the not-for-profit sector, media, education and politics."

"The ability to study by distance has allowed me to participate in this degree while undertaking a hectic work schedule working interstate and full-time. I felt very connected despite being off campus, and the weekend schools provided excellent opportunities to meet the staff and my fellow students. The staff were excellent, and despite being an external student, I always found they went out of their way to answer questions, provide feedback and give support when I've needed it."

Charlotte Boyer

Charlotte Boyer

Master of Politics and Public Policy

"I chose Macquarie University because I wanted to complete the masters to further my career prospects and improve my knowledge of Australian politics and public policy. This degree has helped me secure my current professional position and provided me with a foundation upon which to build my knowledge of public policy and politics, which I use daily at work. I have been very pleased with the quality of the course, lecturers and class engagement."

Charlotte has worked in the Department of Premier and Cabinet, New South Wales as a Policy Officer; and is now a Consultant at UNICEF Pacific and Fiji Ministry of Women, Social Welfare, and Poverty Alleviation.

Our expertise in politics

Dr Diana Perche

Dr Diana Perche 


Dr Perche has lectured in the Master of Politics and Public Policy at Macquarie University since 2005, and is the current convenor of the program. She has worked in a number of policy-related positions, including in the Australian Public Service, and has a keen interest in the interplay between policy research and policy practice. Her research interests are in public policy theory, the politics of evaluation, and the impact of intergovernmental relations on policy formulation and implementation, and she has published several articles in these areas. Her interest in Australian politics and public policy includes a particular focus on Indigenous affairs.

Study politics and international relations at Macquarie

Politics and International Relations at Macquarie has strong links to all the social sciences, especially history, sociology, law, anthropology and economics. We offer a comprehensive range of units and programs of study and supports a strong PhD program with candidates working under supervision on local, regional and international studies of power, conflict and peacemaking, policy-making and enduring issues of theoretical or philosophical concern.

The study of politics incorporates a variety of subject matter and a range of different theoretical approaches.

Watch our video and learn more about Major in Politics at Macquarie.

In 2012, Kathryn started to explore postgraduate study opportunities and looked for a policy course that will help her achieve her career goals but be  flexible enough to allow her to  work full-time and spend time with her son and husband.

Master of Politics and Public Policy

Kathryn shares, "I chose to study Master of Politics and Public Policy at Macquarie because it is accessible and flexible – there are options for online and face-to-face study. The course also offers the potential to study a range of elective within the wider Arts area, for example international policy, human rights, politics and law, alongside the core public policy subjects."

Even as a distance student, Kathryn feels that there are so many opportunities to grow and learn at Macquarie.

"The online environment at Macquarie is user friendly and each unit includes resources, lectures and readings."

Expertise and support

"Outside of my degree I have completed a number of postgraduate writing workshops which are run through the library, are free, and have provided me with the tools to make my academic performance better. My professional writing skills have benefited too."

"I also take part in Macquarie's Global Leadership Program, an extracurricular program which offers students the opportunity to learn about and to experience global issues through an in-depth and participatory approach."

"My Macquarie experience has been one of learning, growth and support. I have learnt so much about my field, grown as a professional and as an individual, and have been supported by an experienced team of lecturers and staff."

Career advancement

Halfway through her second semester at Macquarie, Kathryn was accepted for a position as a policy officer at the Department of Premier and Cabinet. She believes this is a significant advancement of her career.

"My manager tells me that I was a standout candidate for a number of reasons: my passion for child protection policy, my significant amount of frontline knowledge, and the fact that I am studying for master in politics and public diplomacy," shared Kathryn.

"I feel fortunate to have learnt from some of the leading experts in the fields of public policy and politics. I have gained an excellent appreciation of theory and public policy, and since beginning this course, I have had many opportunities to put these theories into practice in my daily work as a Policy Offer. Over the next few years I hope to continue to work in the public policy sphere and increase my knowledge of social policy in Australia."

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