Become an editor or publisher

Become an editor or publisher

Become an editor or publisher Not all editors work for recognised publishers. Much publishing work, and therefore a great deal of editing, is done in government and business. Opportunities for editing work are therefore very diverse, and many people make successful careers as freelance editors.

Whether you work in publishing, government, or business, whether you are freelance or in-house, you will find that a significant professional community exists to support editors and others who work in the publishing field. Professional organisations for editors exist in many countries, including Australia, Canada, and the UK. 

How can I progress my career as an editor?

The professional body, the Society of Editors, offers various levels of membership and is available in all states in Australia and the ACT. Joining your local Society of Editors will therefore open up further opportunities for making professional contacts as a launching pad for a career in editing, as well as keeping up to date with developments in the world of publishing. 

In 2008, all the Societies of Editors in Australia jointly formed a national body, the Institute of Professional Editors Ltd (IPEd), which conducts an assessment-based program of accreditation for individual editors.

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