Languages Society, history and languages

Languages Society, history and languages

An understanding of languages is a useful professional skill that can be especially valuable when combined with a wide range of disciplines.

At Macquarie you’ll choose from 10 European and Asian languages, along with a selection of ancient languages. Our distinct cross-cultural approach ensures you gain an understanding of the society and culture of your selected language.



Careers in languages 

  • communications and media
  • consulting
  • education
  • foreign and ethnic affairs
  • international business - private sector
  • international public sector
  • international law
  • translation and interpreting
  • travel and tourism

Professional experience

At Macquarie, learning doesn't just happen in the classroom. Test your knowledge of languages with practical experience alongside industry professionals in local, regional and international workplaces through Macquarie's unique PACE program.

Through Macquarie Univeristy's PACE program, students studying Chinese have assisted on translation projects in groups. In 2015, students supported the Learning and Teaching Centre and Macquarie Access by translating English text into Mandarin, and supported small parts of the delivery of a Professional Development Program for Mandarin Speaking Academics who were on a study visit at Macquarie University. Students also assisted a PhD researcher on a multiculturalism project by providing Mandarin interpreting and translating services to communicate with a Tai Chi group in Parramatta.

Students studying a major in Japanese have also undertaken productive internships at the Japan Foundation and the Japan National Tourism Organisation.

No matter what you decide to study at Macquarie, PACE has an opportunity available for you. Learn more about the opportunities available through PACE.

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