Geography Society, history and languages

Geography Society, history and languages

Geographers strive to understand how the Earth works, as well as how humans interact with the Earth and with each other at a range of geographical scales.

At Macquarie you’ll combine study of topics such as population studies with integrated practical skills, including research methodology, preparing you for a range of careers in development, planning, government, and scientific fields.

Careers in geography 

  • ecologically sustainable development officer
  • environmental consultant
  • environmental officer
  • forecaster/meteorologist
  • insurance analyst
  • resource officer/planner
  • river care officer
  • soil surveyor
  • teaching (secondary geography; general primary)
  • technical officer/technician
  • water policy adviser

Professional experience

"One of the great benefits of doing the PACE program was that I got a job. That was over a year ago now and I'm really enjoying my current role at Place Partners."– Chris Patfield

Through the Macquarie University unique practical experience program, PACE, provides students with the opportunity to work on mutually beneficial projects with industry partners and gain important skills for your future careers.

Through PACE, Chris Patfield completed an internship with the urban planning organisation Place Partners. His work with the company required him to employ many professional skills including data analysis, market research, communication and reporting to help create an urban environment plan that was sustainable, economical, and took environmental and cultural factors into account.

Chris’s work with Place Partners helped him to secure a position with the company, where he is now considered an integral part of the team.

No matter what you decide to study at Macquarie, PACE has an opportunity available for you. Learn more about the opportunities available through PACE.

Our expertise in geography

Professor Richie Howitt

Professor Richie Howitt

Professor in Human Geography

In addition to his teaching at Macquarie, Professor Richie Howitt's career as a geographer includes work in the fields of human rights, Indigenous rights, environmental justice, sustainability and social theory. He has undertaken major social impact studies for various Aboriginal groups, and contributed to native title and mining negotiations in several areas.

See Professor Howitt's full profile

Dr Fiona Miller

Dr Fiona Miller

Program Director for the postgraduate program in Social Impact Assessment

Dr Miller's research interests include: climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation; social equity dimensions of adaptation; social vulnerability to extreme heat; social and cultural dimensions of water planning; and social impact assessment and forced resettlement. In her teaching, Dr Miller encourages her students to think critically about the social aspects of the environment.

See Dr Miller's full profile

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